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    The Article "Sons of the Soil offer N-Plant in Punjab" (Attached) raises the Issues of Trust/Credi


    Dear Public Authorities of U.S, India, Punjab, and NRI Population, among others: A seven member delegation led by Dr. Romesh Japra as NRI of Punjab may met Sardar Prakash Singh Badal on August 28, 2009 as reported on August 8, 2009 in the Times of India, Newsonline, by Shruti Setia Chhabra, involving about Rs 25,000 crores ($250 Million) investment on Nuclear Plant in Punjab raised the public interest issues because Dr. Romesh Japra, as chair or co-chair of Vedic Dharma Samaj-Fremont Hindu Temple, California, together with his cohorts, is frivolously litigating (defending) the complaint of Dr.Dhir since the year 2007 (as raised because of Litigation of Lord Ganesh of 2005 against Lost Coast Brewery for Caricaturing Him in California Superior Court, Contra Costa County), regarding coercive, fraudulent, and illegal took over of the temple management, which was filed based on fraudulent and illegal amendment of the year 1984 as the evidence is produced by Dr. Ramanand Prasad, Rajinder Sharma, Dr. Dharam Pal Salwan about million dollars fraud in the temple finance by Gupta on support of Dr. Japra, for remedies to determine the election process, since 1984 void, new amendment in the bylaws after dissolving the governing body and electing the new governing body (Board of Directors), however, the case was dismissed because Dr. Dhir was not member of the temple, but after dismissal Dr. Dhir's membership was hold by illegal governing body (Joint Board-Board of Trustees and Management Board), but Dr. Dhir filed the appeal in First Appellate Court, Division 2, San Francisco, appeal number A123567 and challenged the dismissal, pursuant to this challenge the matter is kept for hearing on 02/04/2010 in the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, case number RG07-318802. Dr. Japra's Attorney Mr Sperber with unethical advice guided Dr. Japra to commence elections from 2006 to commit fraud, crime and perjury, among others. In addition, Dr. Japra took $10,000 of Temple to Federation of India Association (FIA), despite the objections raised by the devotees in the public meeting, which was not allowed by Dr. Japra when the resolution was passed by the common directors of Tempe and FIA. Not only $10,000 taken away to FIA from religious to non religious Corporations, forcibly, contrary to articles and bylaws and California Laws, but Dr. Ramandand Prasad, Rajinder Sharma pleaded and deposed in deposition filed in the court that Dr. Japra’s took over the management of temple by coercion, fraud and illegality in the year 1984 by amending bylaws; however, Dr. Dharam Pal Salwan deposed and pleaded that Dr. Japra supported Gupta in million dollars expenses on construction etc. These facts raises the issues how Dr. Japra can be trusted a N-Plant project of Rs 25000 Crores as NRI investment if the money is raised from NRI’s. Should the Governments of United States of America, India and Punjab, United Kingdom, among other countries investigate these matters as preventive measures before the public may be mislead and misrepresented in to huge investments (Rs 25,000 crores--$250 million) as Dr. Japra leader of seven persons delegation can not be trusted or credited based on his above bad faith dealings in Temple etc. because Dr. Japra coveted not only individual rights but public rights as he did not resign from Temple Management to show his bona fide on the contrary he covets more these rights as politician and influence person in the government system including courts, powerful person, rich person, friend and foe circles, etc? You may have comments, please give them, million thanks if given to public authorities. I suffered because of Dr. Romesh Japra because Dr. Prasad, Dr. Salwan, and Sharma, our attorney Mark Cohen, Ram Malik—who, announced me in public an evil in the parking lots of Temple, Keshav Chopra, Nidhi Bhatnagar, even Ms. Anu Natrajan, Vice Mayor of Fremont, among others, run away from the right path of fight for public ju

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