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    Posted August 11, 2009 by
    Katy, Texas
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    Health care town halls

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    Top 5 Reasons for Anger at Townhall Meetings


    It is very interesting to read ireports these days on the townhall protesters.  Most liberals cannot understand why someone would be mad at these townhall meetings.  The prevailing assumption is that these protesters are racist people who do not want to see others get healthcare.  Most liberals cannot see why these people do not trust their government.  In an effort to clear up some of this confusion, here are the top five reasons why people are angry about the healthcare legislation:


    1.  People are afraid that we cannot afford this program because America is already in too much debt.  Obama has spent billions of taxpayer money with his stimulus package and bank bailout.  Much of this money comes from foreign creditors who have lost faith in the dollar lately.  China has been openly  warning Mr. Obama about his reckless spending for months.  They showed that they meant business when  they joined with Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa to promote ditching the dollar.  China is forging partnerships with countries to trade in their own currencies.   Many Americans cannot understand why Obama would come up with a costly healthcare program at a time like this.


    2.  People fear that similar to Obama's stimulus, his healthcare program will not work as he states it will.  Obama promised that the stimulus would create many hundreds of thousands of jobs and keep unemployment around 8%.  Now that unemployment is 9.4%,  it is clear that Obama did not know what he was talking about.  The fact is that the stimulus has done very little to help the real economy.  Instead, most of the money has gone to private banks who have become even more vicious towards the public.  They are even quicker to foreclose on your home or double the interest on your credit card account for no real reason.  So the taxpayers got the privilege of bailing out the banks who still plan to take their homes away and ruin their credit.  The American people got ripped off twice by the same group of people.  They see this same logic being used with the healthcare plan.  Americans are preparing to get stuck twice.


    3.  The American protesters fear that Obama is going to tax them to death to pay for his"pie in the sky" ideas.  Obama has already stated in his budget that money would come from a carbon tax, HR 5424.  This carbon tax is going to cause companies to pay more for emissions and this cost will be passed to consumers.  In the middle of a near depression, each American will have to pay an addition $1500 to $5000 more per year in taxes and fees.  Most of the protesters simply cannot afford this new tax.  They are also livid because a lot of the money that they pay will go to Goldman Sachs and Al Gore's energy companies.   The Washington-Goldman Sachs connection makes the US look like a fascist banana republic.  The purpose of the bill is not to save pandas or polar bears, but to give Goldman more cold hard cash.


    4. People are fearful that healthcare will become problematic like in other socialist countries.  People imagine having to wait in a 6 hour line to see a doctor.  There is little hope for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  


    5.  For the elderly or severely disabled, they fear that Obama's board of doctors making decisions about how to cut medicare will make them and their illnesses seem like an unnecessary expense.  Some refer to Hitler's T-4 project as an example.  Hitler's program started out seeming very innocent.  It sounded reasonable for a group of doctors to determine who lived or died.  However, people placed in the group deserving to die just got larger and larger.  It eventually included entire populations of people.  It is amazing how the most innocent ideas eventually become sinister.  Some also note that many guys surrounding Obama believe in population control or Eugenics.  Some fear that this will be the ultimate opportunity to put their plans into action.


    In this healthcare debate, each side is entitled to his own opinion.  I thought that I would never live to see left-wingers calling right-wing protestors unpatriotic.  Those living during the 60's are probably amused that the flower children are calling the establishment protesters unreasonable.  Reality has been turned upside down.

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