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    ‘Doctor Who’ turns 50

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    Doctor Who Travels Virtually


    Television programs really capture the imagination of lots of people, space stuff like Star Trek and Star Wars are featured big time in SL, with whole sims dedicated to them.  One of our very own British cult series is a hot favourite too in the virtual world, it’s called Dr Who.  Now Dr Who was first shown in 1963 and it is on record as being the longest running science fiction show ever, and one of the most popular.



    The main character is called ‘The Doctor’ and he is only referred to as ‘Dr’ in the series, never named.  He is an alien Time Lord who travels through time and space, throughout the series he has always picked up a companion or two to travel with him for a short time.  His spaceship is called a ‘Tardis’ and because of a malfunction when the Doctor was visiting London in the 1950s, the Tardis, instead of changing into an object to fit into its present surroundings as a disguise, has stayed looking like a telephone booth used by the Metropolitan Police back in 50s.  The Tardis itself is deceptive, being a small structure from the outside, once through the door, you will find yourself in the massive interior of a very comfortable spaceship with plenty of room to roam about.  So if you are travelling with the Doctor as a companion you could find yourself in any solar system at any date, either in the past or the future.



    I have met many ‘Time Lords’ in SL, it’s a very popular avatar to get and you can buy an amazing range of Tardis’s, and even the Doctor’s arch enemies called  Daleks are a very popular purchase in-world.  The Daleks were the vicious armoured aliens who were the most famous villains.  They would call out with their robotic voices ‘Annihilate!!’ as they attacked the Doctor and his companions.



    There have been eleven actors playing the Doctor in the television series since it began, and I happened to meet an avatar last week who looked exactly like Dr number ten, (actor David Tennant).  I happened to be standing in the Sand Box in SL Hyde Park when I met Chazo Muircastle an avatar who had a wacky spaceman type avatar on.  He told me that he also had a Tardis and asked if I wanted to see it.  I said I did, and off he went to change his appearance into the Doctor Who character and bring his spaceship, the Tardis, back with him.  I was stunned at what a good avatar it was, so much like the actor to look at and the Tardis was very well done too.  Chazo opened the doors and went inside, as he did he suddenly vanished into thin air.  He was still there, as he was still talking to me, but with the magic of SL scripting he had disappeared from sight.



    It’s rather nice that people can follow their favourite television programs and interact with them by using SL, so many clever people have reproduced stuff from Star Wars, Star Trek and Dr Who in the virtual world, and they will probably still be popular in the metaverse long after the programs have vanished from our television and cinema screens.

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