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    Ebay's Dirty Secret



    ~ From it's small start in the home of Pierre Omidyar in 1995; eBay is now the largest and most profitable auction website on the internet.



      Through it's many changes over the years eBay has thrived under the direction of former CEO Meg Whitman. 



    The new year brought many surprises to the eBay community. CEO Meg Whitman decided to step down from her postition and John Donahoe stepped up to the plate.



      Since the transition, eBay has made a few changes that have threatened to send long time sellers running to other sites.



       In May, eBay made changes to the feedback policies making it impossible for sellers to leave negative or neutral feedback.  The changes to the feedback have outraged many long time eBay sellers and they have threatened more boycotts in the future.



    Despite the outrage, eBay's new feedback changes may not be the only reason there seems to be a huge rain cloud hanging over eBay's head these days.



    After seeing many sites dedicated to sellers who "claim" to have been wrongfully suspended, I decided investigate these claims.  I have come across many posts where "certain" members give the impression that they have "inside" contacts at eBay and have the ability to have any account suspended at their discretion.



    The following posts are only one example that i've seen over the last year. These posts were taken from eBay's discussion board.



    orange_cape_hides_me  (Private ) View Listings | Report  Oct-29-07 12:31 PDT  2 of 9  Peep - send me an email with the current selling name and the previous

    ones. I'll send it to someone that might be able to take a closer look.





    peeptoadruth  (686 )  View Listings | Report  Oct-29-07 18:12 PDT  5 of 9  orange_cape_hides_me, thanks for your offer. I'll send you his ID's ASAP.





    peeptoadruth  (686 )  View Listings | Report  Oct-29-07 19:33 PDT  8 of 9  Wow, that was fast! Seller is NARU'd! Thanks for your help! I hope he

    stops trying to sell on eBay once and for all. Thanks again, Caped!



    sktrsmw  (811 )  View Listings | Report  Oct-29-07 20:15 PDT  9 of 9  cape, you ROCK!





    Many of my sources claim that this particular user has been known as an eBay "net cop" for years and does have inside contacts at eBay. This user has been known to post the names, address, phone numbers and credit card numbers of other users (all registered at ebay) just before victim's account gets suspended.





    Over the last couple of months, It seems this user has disappeared from eBay's discussion boards but that doesn't mean they are any safer. 



    Over the last couple of months eBay's Shoes, Purses and Fashion Accessories Board has turned into a breeding ground for stalking and harassment. My sources say long time members there are creating 'posting ids' using the legal names and addresses of other users. They are also using other members' pictures on their signatures.



    Despite the many reports sent to eBay's Trust & Safety Team, the harassing activities continue. One source said she has had a member post her full name, address, phone number and drivers licence number on the board. 



    It's unclear why eBay is allowing such criminal activities on it's boards but many eBayers that I spoke with fear that they will be attacked and harassed by members of the Shoes, Purses and Fashion Accessories board. It does make some wonder, just how safe is your registered information at eBay?



    (Pictures) I have attached screen shots of some of the posts from eBay's Shoes, Purses and Fashion Accessories board. The pictures that were removed on the screen shots are claimed to be the pictures of other members. Some of the ids are the legal names of other members.



    Take a trip to eBay's Shoes, Purses and Fashion  Accessories board, what you find there may absolutely horrify you and make you want to delete your eBay account for good. 











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