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    Ancient Stone Etch DVDs Are Time Capsule Messages To Modern Humanity


    An ancient message system etched onto the surfaces of The Genesis Petroglyph provides a visual message and codex for modern humanity. Scribed by an ancient and highly advanced technology, the communications are time capsule messages requiring current technologies to develop. Communications that transcend all language barriers with relevance and significance to modern civilization.

    Projecting from this stone etched DVD you will see:

    • A kneeling figure wearing a winged suit and strapped down (chakté) helmet with from facing horn.
    • The kneeling figure is resting his foot on a pyramid structure.
    • The figure is identified as the Sumerian Deity Enki by his epitaph symbols of the fish (flowing from the face) and the goat (held in the hand extended downward).
    • Enki is further identified by the ARK (crescent shaped vessel) held by is outstretched arm and hand (reference is the Sumerian tale of the Atrahasis).
    • Enki wears a mask with an elongated and pierced nose.
    • The mask portrays the Mayan Deity Pacal II from Palenque who is identified by a jaguar flowing from the face of the kneeling deity (above the fish).
    • The kneeling Deity is pierced through the back (diagonally) with an arrow (reference to the tale of Orion and Artemis).
    • The kneeling figure of Enki contains a precision star map of the constellation Orion accurately depicting 9 of the major stars in the pattern.
    • A major vector (fissure) intersects the star Alnitak in the belt of the Orion constellation.
    • The reverse side of the Genesis Petroglyph contains a highly detailed star map of the constellation Taurus.

    This hologram projection from a small (10cm) stone contains a message from the Sumerian Deity Enki:

    1. A star map pointing to the Orion constellation and detailing the course of a celestial object due to interface with our earth.
    2. A timeline based on the reference to the Mayan Deity Pacal II and the Mesoamerican calendar.
    3. A time capsule message to humanity of the 21st century from The Sumerian Deity Enki.

    "Enki does not tell Atrahasis, but instead tells the walls of Atrahasis' (a.k.a. Utnapishtim or Ziusudra) reed hut of Enlil's plan, thus covertly rescuing Atrahasis by either instructing him to build some kind of a boat for his family, or by bringing him into the heavens in a magic boat."

    (reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enki)


    Could this stone etched time capsule be another message to humanity?

    Are these images coming through the 'walls of Altrahasis reed hut'?


    For a detailed explanation of this petroglyph and others, please read the information contained at the research website: http://www.impactoptics.com/


    "developing the oldest photographic images known to humanity"

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