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    Posted August 17, 2009 by
    Hull, Quebec
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    There is an old Bible story about the Kings of Israel and Judah thinking about going to war against their enemies. All the prophets in the land of Israel were summoned to tell the Kings the word of the Lord, if God was with them or not?

    All four hundred prophets were of one voice. ´God is with you. Go to war.´

    The visiting King asked the King of Israel if these were all the prophets of God in Israel? The King said, ´there is one more, but I don´t like him. He always prophesies against me.´

    Guards were sent to get Micaiah
    to appear before the Kings. He was told the other prophets advised the Kings ´God will be with them in battle. Don´t rock the boat, and just go along with the others.´ At first, Micaiah went along with the other prophets, saying ´go up to war.´


    The King then said, how many times have I adjured you to tell me only the Truth?


    That solitary man then said, ´I saw the Lord asking his Heavenly Host, who will entice the King of Israel to come up to battle so he may die? And one said this, and another said that, and another said, ´I will put a lying spirit in the mouth of all the prophets of Israel.´ The Lord God of Israel said, ¨Do it!¨

    Naturally, one of the other prophets struck Micaiah
    across the face. The Kings ignored him, and went to war on the advice of the four hundred.


    The King of Israel died in the battle that night. The prophet was sent to prison before the battle, to be held until the safe return of the King.

    There is a moral and premonition for Today to this ancient story. The seeds of Democracy were planted in that episode in Israel´s history. A fundamental principle of Democracy is, if the whole country disagrees with any one individual, that individual has the protected right to speak.

    I attempted to do just that in Canada´s Capital, Ottawa, in 1977. Having no money to organize, advertise or rent a hall, I stood up as a free man on a Pedestrian Mall, the first street after Parliament Hill, and began to speak about God and the Global system of Babylon. People of their own free will started to gather, and eventually were backing up to the next block.

    The Police came and stopped my speech. Arresting me for ¨shouting, causing a disturbance,¨ I was locked up in maximum security, solitary confinement for 5 days before appearing in front of a Judge, when I was remanded for trial.

    At trial, I had 8 charges because I stood up on the Sparks Street Mall again and again, as was my right, and every time the people stopped to listen. The Police stopped my speech every time.

    I was convicted, given a one day suspended sentence, and placed on a probation for one year with only one condition that was so unusual, there was no standard box to check off. Typed in at the bottom of the form were these explicit words:

    ¨Not to attend on the Sparks Street Mall, or any other street in Ottawa for the purpose of SPEAKING or shouting.¨

    I made three more attempts to Publicly praise God, and was sent to jail for 30 days.

    The Ottawa Citizen and other newspapers who chronicled every incident, marking it in time, projected a positive image and report.


    On getting out of jail I called the Ottawa Citizen saying, You projected an image. Now would you like to talk about the substance? They said, You´re not news any more. That´s the Free Press for ya! What can a solitary person do?

    That was long before the Patriot Act.


    There is a line in the Bible that says, ¨As it is with the prophet, so it shall be with the people.¨


    Ray Joseph Cormier



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