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    Los Angeles, California

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    The Black Underclass are at Odds with the Black Middleclass!


    "In the last 10 yrs rent have gone up in a steady pace. People are force to live with one another or move back with Mon and dad. It is assistance out their but people don't know were to go. With the cost of food rising, Rent soaring, gas on its way back up, medicare cost already high, crime getting bad, people emotions are getting wackier, more and more people lives are getting unmanageable. We need to stop and take a long look down the road we are passing. Get back to basic, address the things that is most important, RENT (people will need a place to live), LOWER THE RENT. FOOD (people have to eat) LOWER THE COST OF FOOD. GAS(we need transportation to get to and from) HEALTH CARE INS, (we need to work on the cost the people are paying) Every American came get seen by a doctor if they really need it, insurance or not.) MOST IMPORTANT IS JOBS ( we need jobs to make all of the basic work) If we do what I just mention well people can also help one another through this hard times. I speak of these thing in my book THE UNSPOKEN BY JOHN L BROWN. Its very important that we all help. Share information, help motivate the needy..." by johnbrown

    This is yet another good reason why it is so important that our own elected Black leaders, the so-called Black affluent, or others in our community, step up to the plate to truly serve the best interests of law abiding Black people who have legitimate claims for redress......

    ....so that money earned through legitimate court settlements can be used to create privately financed work opportunity so that Black people who are U.S. citizens by birthright can:

    1. Pay for the health care plan of his, her, or their choice.

    2. Own rental property as opposed to being the predominate renter or being on a public financed "section 8" rental subsidy.

    3. Afford to send any sibling to private school, etc.

    4. Be better equipped to control their own destiny.

    5. Keep over intrusion of government out of the their lives.

    6. Send that treasonous Black middleclass "packing", no good President Barack Obama being one of the treasonous, and/or any outsiders whose influence conspires with the treasonous Black middleclass in no good "Black Code" law enforcement or other un-American, truly unethical, and illegal practices.

    7. Achieve the American Dream and compete on any level, with anyone, be it Caucasian, Korean, Hispanic, Affluent, etc., etc., etc.

    8. Etc.

    .....The typical contemporary elected Black leaders, and/or the typical no good Black middleclass are against this.

    By and large many of these individuals have derived their income by using the Black underclass in assorted no good government financed welfare, AFDC, Mental Health (Bull Crap), presenting or publishing falsehoods, conspiring with the perpetrators to further deny law abiding U.S. born Black people redress, promoting penal incarceration, fining, probation for and/or punishment of the innocent, breaking up law abiding Black families for ill-gained profit, etc., which has made Black people "fodder for the system".

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