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    Circassians demonstrate against genocide


    Devoted Circassians, who represent the Circassian Diaspora in U.S.A., had decided to observe an important turning point in their both life and history, they decided to perform meaningful demonstrations and serious protests against Russian ambitions and plans.

    Demonstrations in U.S.A. were observed in two different locations in New York City that were chosen to be the bases to gather the supporters of this blessed move, and to be able to show their anger towards the Russian imperial relentless, awkward, and clumsy policies towards the dozens of nations that are colonized and controlled by the Russian State including the Circassians and North Caucasians.

    Circassians decided to expose and unmask the imperial policies of those who occupied the North Caucasus, committed genocide, butchering, and ethnic cleansing for the last 450 years against Circassians and others. They even added their practical steps of trying to normalize and legalize their policies of occupying and digesting the land and the human beings to try to show the world that the colonized and captured land is part of their so-called  federation!

    The first demonstration was held in front of the Russian consulate in New York City, while holding signs, banners, and flags of Circassia, to protest the Russian big lie of the so-called 450 years of voluntary association with Russia, which was considered by the demonstrators who represented the majority of the Circassians' who live in the United States as disgusting, antipathetic, unacceptable and naive which will be believed only by primitive and those who lack the tolerance or breadth of vision.


    The demonstrators also rejected and condemned the Russian deceiving policies of hosting the Winter Olympic Games of the Year 2014 in the Circassian Sochi area on the land that should be respected as is, especially by the International Olympic Committee and all other good people of the world.

    The second protest was held in front of the United Nations building in New York City as well, to make the message to reach all nations of the world that Circassians were deprived of their legitimate rights since Russia completely occupied their Motherland in the year 1864, after a mass-slaughter, ethnic cleansing, genocide.

    Both demonstrations showed their remarkable enthusiastic feelings about the planned Sochi winter Olympic Games of the year 2014, which are going to be held on the cemeteries that contain the bones and the remains of those who perished while defending their Homeland against Russian Tsarists' invaders who terrorized, killed, displaced, deported and exiled the entire brave Circassian Nation.

    One of the Circassian participants Mr. Iyad Youghar explained that Circassians decided to carry out the protests to show their refusal and protests to the big lie of Russian celebrations of the so-called Circassians' voluntary association with Russia, and the ongoing Russian plans and preparations to hold the 2014 Winter Olympic Games on the Sochi, "The Land Of Genocide".

    Another Circassian participant, Mr. Adnan Ihsan added that there was only one out of fifty Circassian princes who made an agreement with the Russians, and that was considered treason by the rest of Circassians. Also this traitor went as an example of "breach of trust" that anyone would make him as an example of treason for working against the Circassian Nation's interests.

    The Circassian journalist and Human Rights activist, Fatima Tlisova was among those who attended the events, and was carrying the Circassian flag, with large banner that indicated "NO JUSTICE FOR GENOCIDE VICTIMS".  The Circassian journalist herself was a victim of harassment by the Russian Secret Services (FSB-KGB), and was terrorized and subjected to horror, black-mail, and night-mares of getting arrested, tortured, and interrogated any time, before she luckily managed to get a safe refuge with her family in the United States Of America. She spoke to Radio adiga / The Circassian Radio in Adiga, Russian and English Languages.


    She said that Circassians should be aware of their history not to drag them back to the past, but to make them looking forward to the promising future, and that would be beneficial for the generations to come. She also added  that Circassians should wake up to understand what Russia is trying to do about the unrealistic claims in regard to their big lie of voluntary association with Russia, in addition to the year 2014 Winter Olympic Games that Russia is going to hold on the graveyards and the remains of those Circassians who were buried during the Russian invasion to Circassia.

    The demonstrations were organized and conducted in a civilized manor, that were "eye-catching" eventuality, attracting outcome, and an important occurrence in the Circassians long way of reclaiming and obtaining their legitimate rights, and to demand the recognition of atrocities and genocide that the Russian occupation forces had committed, and on top of all that the Russians are still stubborn to the extent that they wanted the victims themselves to celebrate the memory of  being occupied, but with a polished and decorated inappropriate description that the occupied and terrorized nation should celebrate a Russian false "voluntary association" as been described, with all the consequences of accepting all the colonial Russian demands especially approving and accepting the Russian agenda and conditions!

    Wise people said the following proverbs: "The Darkest Hour Is That Before The Dawn", and "Truth Will Prevail"...


    Source: Justice For North Caucasus Group

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