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    Posted August 26, 2009 by
    Santa Clarita, California
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    Passions over health care reform

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    Future of Healthcare in America


    Healthcare in America.


    I don't think anyone is complaining about the quality of care in the United States. And if they are, it's likely it's in relationship to cost. Why then, are we talking so much about healthcare reform? We have the best medical technology in the world so quality has really never been an issue. At the core of the healthcare debate, is cost. Cost for the average consumer when he walks in to the E.R. But our government won't be able to get the job done.


    First, I have a hard time believing that the government will be able to keep costs down. You hear the politicians speak about eliminating waste and fraud. But when has our government shown the propensity to do this? When has the government effectively managed domestic programs? Sure, Medicare is available, but with unfunded liabilities nearly reaching $30 Trillion over the next 75 years, can anyone say that's effective management? Or that just a few more regulations will drive down cost? The government knows only one thing: Consumption. Government consumes your wealth. YOUR WEALTH. There is no such thing as an effective central economic planner. Many have tried and failed. It's just not possible to predict where the market is going and what it will do. And with our government so deep in debt and our unfunded liabilities growing everyday, two questions have to arise from this debate: 1. Can we afford this? And 2. Is there another way?


    Since we obviously can't afford this plan, no matter how creative the administration likes to do economics, there has to be another option. And there is. But you're probably not going to like it: Free Market Healthcare.


    First off, lets clear the misconception that what we have here in this country is considered free market healthcare. For those who would demonize the marketplace and BigPharma's lobbyist, you can't have it both ways. It's either the FREE market, or corporate cronyism. Corporate cronyism is what has delivered this mess. Big pharmaceutical companies were able to lobby for regulation that discourages competition by increasing the red tape. It's government interference in the marketplace that has caused this. And if you really believe that, the answer to this problem is simple: Get the government out of healthcare.


    The best example I can come up with, would be my grandpa Jack. He died several years ago of lung cancer. He was on a medication that was helping him. It was an herb that was actually slowing the growth of the cancer. He was one of its testers, because the FDA was in the midst of approving it...or so we thought. FDA denied it. Likely for financial reasons. I mean, who want to buy the BigPharma products if a simple herb was doing more to help?


    I know the idea scares some people. But when it comes down to it, I trust myself with MY decisions on healthcare and insurance, rather then the government.


    Say the government allowed insurers to sell between state lines. You wouldn't have to have health insurance offered through your employer all the time now. Which means you wouldn't have to be employed by bigger companies to have affordable health insurance. Health insurance, instead of being on a 1 year contractual basis, could be sold like term life insurance. That would dramatically reduce the cost of care in this country. Also, because the contract would be with a business that aims to lower costs for its own bottom line, hospitals wouldn't have the ability to write off every procedure at the maximum cost, which would save our government LOTS of money.


    I guess the underlying question, for me, is this: If the only difference between conservatives and liberals on the healthcare issue, is how much we trust people versus how much we trust our government, what side do you want to be on? Because there is no experimenting with socialized medicine. Once that ball starts rolling, it's never going to go away. No one is going to be able to introduce a bill to make it disappear, no matter how far in debt the country becomes.

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