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    Passions over health care reform

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    Sorry folks, I don't have a cool graphic or compelling story to tell.  On the other hand, something occurred today that might be of interest to anyone concerned with the ongoing healthcare debate.


    This a.m., I got a call from my 83-year-old mother who advised me that she and Dad just now had their Procrit denied by their health insurance company.  They're no longer covered for that drug -- a drug that essentially keeps them alive.  So, unless they pay full boat for the drug (which they can't), they have no access to it.  They're working on options.  None very good.


    It's not like this comes as any surprise.  Insurance companies and others who have a stake in the healthcare debate have been keeping a close eye on public sentiment.  Unfortunately, that sentiment is in favor of insurance companies as many average Americans have been scared into any (I mean ANY) public option.  Consequently, this view hasn't been lost on insurance companies who have taken this "no government option mandate" as a green light to raise insurance rates and begin to deny various areas of coverage.  I just thought it might take a little longer for this to happen.  I should have known better.


    In any event, stand by for more to come.  Insurance companies will continue to deny an array of medications, corporations will dramatically raise their employee paycheck contributions and eventually, only the wealthy will be in a position to afford quality healthcare -- it's not as though we haven't already been on that road.  In a cruel ironic twist, the passionate disdain over any government healthcare option has paved the way for less coverage for those who are most vocally against a government option but might need it the most.  Funny how things work out.

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