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    Michael Jackson is hiding somewhere not dead!


    Michael jackson is not death. He is hiding. Watch the video http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-320582He wanted to cancel his 50 concert because of his cosmetic surged face is not satisfied enough for him and he had join pain, but couldn't. He couldn't sleep at night because of depression and anxieties and weep around his father and mother. So, his father came up with idea that is similar to Elvis scenarios that people claim that he hasn't died just faking death. That's what his retirement plan is. He called ambulances and they made arrangement for his final show. They carry him on the bed, when the ambulance truck arrived, he walked out from the back of the truck by his foot. He is now in caribbean going to get cosmetic surgery and get his hair cut and live as someone totally different for the rest of his life. No one hasn't seen his body in an excuse of autopsy not even his sister janet jackson, probably she has informed by now, and even lisa mary presley. Why autopsy is so long and slow, and people not questioning about it? Well, no one has seen it. Ooops michael did it again. All of his life is such a lie.

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