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    Your memories of Farrah Fawcett

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    A truly BEAUTIFUL person - Farrah Fawcett tribute


    There is so much to admire about Farrah Fawcett.  She was sweet, caring, one of the most beautiful women that has ever lived, but what alot of people forget is how ambitious she was and how much of an icon she was.  Unlike alot ot today's stars who are born into fame, she was randomly discovered a your prototypical southern beauty by a publicist for being one of UT's 10 Most Beautiful Coeds.  But she was not anticipating becoming an actress, she was an outstanding artist and wanted to major in microbiology.   What began as a career in commercials and some modeling, exploded when her legendary pose on a 20x28 pin up poster debuted around the same time as the mega hit show Charlie's Angels.  This is a program that had nearly 60% of all TV's tuned into it during the first season and she was the undeniable star.  Overnight she became the most famous person in the country and Farrah-mania began.  Millions fantasized about her, millions envied her looks.  That poster was in every bedroom, dorm, locker room in the nation and was even featured prominently in Saturday Night Fever.  What separates Farrah is she didn't want to live on her devastatingly good looks.  She had ambition and drive to become a legitimate actress and she showed her stuff in The Burning Bed, Extremities, Small Sacrifices etc.  But millions will always remember that million mega watt smile and goddess like hair in Charlie's Angels where she just seemed like the sweetest, most beautiful person there could be.  She was resilient through the 90s and so beautiful still that her Playboy in 1995 was the highest selling of the decade.  Those who knew her remember how humble she was and I've NEVER heard one person say she wasn't an absolute doll in person.  She never forgot where she came from and how to be a polite person.  I missed the 70's but grew up watching Charlie's Angels on TV LAND in the afternoons and she just had unbelievable presence.  When she was on camera, you were WATCHING not just looking.  Even in awful movies, her presence made everything okay.  I first heard of her in one of my favorite kid movies, Man of the House and even still she just had such a glowing presence.  The picture I uploaded will forever be ingrained in my mind as the definition of BEAUTY.  My first memories of Farrah.  There was also a funny Johnny Bravo episode where he tries to sneak into a party to meet her that I loved.  Her documentary was heartbreaking.  Unbelievably heartbreaking that a woman so gorgeous inside and out was likely to meet her end from such a horrid disease.  When I heard the news, I literally just sat and eventually teared in shock.  The next reason I have to be in L.A., I will be leaving a nice condolence at her Walk of Fame star and make it over to the cemetary to leave some flowers.  It hurts every day as of now to know we won't ever meet, at least not in this life but she has given me faith.  A sprit like that does not just fade away, she is watching us from above and doing what does best, smiling.


    You truly were a once in a lifetime person Farrah, and we will always remember you.  I will be greeted each morning by that perfect smile on your poster throughout college.  I feel we should lal be blessed to have been able to experience her unique career.  A true All-American beauty and angel.


    We love you always Farrah.

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