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    Denver, Colorado
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    Passions over health care reform

    Is Don Lemon a race baiter?


    I can't decide if I think he's a race baiter looking for ratings and attention from CNN's hateful viewers, or if he's a pure racist.


    Today on CNN he stated through the use of a cute rhetorical question that the Tea Party protestors and the people who didn't want Obama using their children to get his healthcare package through were doing it not because of ideologoical differences but because the President is black.  I have heard similar race baiting from Lemon when the issue involves illegals.


    You'll notice too Lemon isn't happy just being a news anchor, he has to insert his opinion into every debate instead of just moderating it.  Every debate held with Lemon in the middle turns into a 2 liberals on one shocked and unsuspecting right wing pundit, with Lemon interrupting every answer and the liberal pundit jumping onto the dogpile and it turns into a verbal mess.  Then he flashes his smile and apologizes at the end, yet every time he does it again.  John Roberts on the Morning show does the same thing, he's supposed to be a news reporter instead he's Obama's attack dog, he froths at the mouth, interrupts answers, changes the subject when he doesn't like the answers.


    The Difference between Don Lemon and John Roberts is that Roberts doesn't play the race card all that often.


    Lemon  made racial claims in the past while doing news segments, usually in a hateful banter between himself and a correspondent, or sometimes using racist pundits of the left like David Sirota of Denver.  Mr Sirota guest hosts on Air America Radio in Denver frequently and I listen every day, this is a pure racist at heart in my opinion, he twists any ideological difference of opinion into a claim of racism.  Again I don't know if Sirota is a desperate ratings hound or if his thinking is truly this racist and barbaric.  He makes blanket claims that opponents of Obama are motivated mostly by racial hatred.  CNN uses this guy over and over.  He keeps a fairly calm demeanor as a pundit on CNN but watch him and you'll notice he always works in the race card with that bitter hateful look on his mug.


    Folks, is this CNN's role for the next 3.5 years, to stifle any dissention or debate from opponents of Obama by intimidating them into silence by calling them racists?  Sure seems like it.  Talk about a fake news network.

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