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    Is it Our Duty to Help Others? What is the role of Society?


    In the recent days of this health care debate, there has been a lot of propaganda on both sides. A lot of wasted time trying to divide us. One of the main arguments seems to be that people who are privileged do not feel it is their duty to help the less privileged members of society. (please do not mistake that this is what the health care reform is about) I am just trying to ask a deeper question. Basically why people feel that giving a small portion of their own money to help themselves, the less fortunate and to benefit an overall society is such a big burden. Is this Socialism? When I think of socialism I think of a society that is completely equal. That it does not matter what you do for a living or how hard you worked for it you will be the same as everyone else. Which I do not agree with. Everyone should have the right to enjoy the fruits of their own labor. What I do not understand is that if you can help some with out hurting yourself or losing what you rightfully earned why wouldn't you. From a personally standpoint it seems selfish, I have no problem with paying for programs that benefit an entire society. I feel it makes us a more progressive society. I do feel that you are responsible for all members of your society. As human beings I feel that we should be more compassionate and less selfish. We should always have the right to work hard and get rewarded. However we should always remeber that are people who were born in certain circumstances by no fault of their own that need help from time to time. And yes I believe very much in self responsibilty. People should not use excuses to justify why they have not succeeded in life. However , we should be more sympathetic towards their life circumstances. Realizing that rising above is not such an easy task.

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