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    Why so many public outbursts?

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    Constitution has no authority to give us rights.


    Just like most think our nation was set up as a democracy, (it is actually a constitutional republic - huge difference) most also believe the American Constitution 'gives' us our rights.  Obviously, most have never read the Constitution or understand its place or purpose.


    The United States' Constitution improved on the union that had been formed by the several sovereign States.  It set up a form of government, and defined its purpose and powers - to PROTECT our rights.  The Constitution protects our rights from the government, and the Government is to protect our rights from other people.  The framers of the Constitution knew that our rights were given to us by God.  Only HE has the authority to give us rights.  By definition, a right can not be given by any person or group of people.  If it is given by another person, it is not a right, it is a priviledge (again... huge difference).


    As a person with equal rights as you, I have no authority to give you any rights.  Even if a group of people declares itself a government, we would still have no authority to give or take away your rights.   On the contrary, a group of people can get together and give a government powers and authorities (not rights).  If they have done a good job, the government will have the powers and authorities to protect people's rights - that is the good and proper roll of government.  Thomas Jefferson once said, "The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first."


    I'm afraid, today, that our government  has overstepped it's proper place in society.  It is trying to take the place of God, regulating our rights.  This is a dangerous place.  If the govt can regulate our rights, they can take them away.  The Constitution prohibits the federal govt from regulating our rights by not giving them that authority.  The govt only has authority to do what it has explicitely been given the powers to do - by us, through the Constitution.


    I incourage everyone to learn more about our Constitution.  The best introduction to the Constitution that I know of is here


    It is slow getting started, but VERY informative.   Every American should be educated on our rights, the governments authorities, and the proper roll of govt and sovereign people in a free society.

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