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    Posted September 30, 2009 by
    orlando, Florida
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    the wheels of justice turn slowly but they turn toward justice


    Back in Dec. 28, 2000 I got into a verbal argument at home over a walkie talkie.  The argument got loud and a neighbor called the police because of all the loud argument.  The police arrived at my house like the squad time and came through my back door with guns out.  While I was sitting down I was shot with a maze got rushed line I was on a football line and dropped to the floor , knee behind my back hands behind my back and handcufed and led out the house put in a patrol car and led to jail for booking .  I was booked in jail under the charges of resisting arrest and assault with a deadly weapon.   I spend 410 daYs in jail and on Feb. 11, 2002 I was released under a nole prosecute charge and charges were dropped.    As I waited in Jail for 410 days I thought te wheels of justice turn slowly but they turn toward justice.     Everyday I would wait in jail for a resolution to my case but  the final decision to the case occurred 410 days later. I would say in Jail ," I have spend more time in jail than Rev.  Dr. martin Luther king jr."  He spend a few days in the birmingham jail and when on to write the brimingham letter.    I spend 410 daYs in jail and I did not generate the indignation and rebellious spirits and disbelief in the American system of justice a s Dr. King concluded.  Dr. King stated , freedom must be taken not given.  While in Jail I did not have many selections of reading materials so I read the only bok available in my cell , The bible.  During the 410 day waiting period I manage to read and reread the bible from cover to cover five times.   I did not become a bible scholar but I got to read about a judicial process involving Jesus Christ and his trial and tribulations against roman law.  In the story jesus is put through a trial, convicted and cruxified. The charges against Jesus were of sedition against the government , his punishment was cruxicifixtion and he never confess guilt to the charges.   he story was a comfort of some what because though I was in a situation being accused of a crime al I was doing was waiting in jail I was not being cruxicified.  Jail was not fun , pleasant or comfortable, but jail is not supposed to be fun , pleasant or comfortable.   There were days that were harsh and punishing where suffering was percieved to be painful but as you sink and dwell deper and deeper into physcial and psychological pain the mind has a place of refugee where pain is not able to reach and a mental place of refugee exist where survival of the self is kept hiden in secrecy to protect the ego of self confidence so that if your are spared the agongy of pain and defeat that one day you can recover , rebuild, relive , and continue on to live a  life unscarred, un marred, unaffected by the pain, the agony , the torment of injustice, isolated in un just punishment.   You can abuse the body, psychological torture a human being but the core of self is always self. Self pereserves self in the perservation of survival of self.

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