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    Posted October 19, 2009 by
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    Colorado balloon hoax

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    My first reaction to the "Breaking News" of a boy possibly trapped aboard a UFO shapped balloon on friday was like a lot of peoples, amazement, fear and curiosity as to how the whole situation started and how it would be resolved. I have a bit of an imagination so I naturally went over numerous scenarios in my mind as to how the boy might be rescued. With that said it soon became apparent to me as to most people with a basic understanding of physics and after being introduced to the family that something else was going on. As it has turned out it was indeed a hoax and the family has revealed themselves to be a fine example of why Americans are seen the way that they are in a lot of countries in the world. When they first interupted the Presidents speach in New Orleans I was slightly annoyed but not really bothered because it truly seemed like a situaton that needed attention but after a while I started to feel like perhaps CNN ( I know every one else was doing it, but I was watching them so I'll single them out) should have perhaps had a split screen where they broke in to tell us what was going on and then if there were any major developments cut in to fill in the details. Coverage of the President regardless of how you feel about him should have taken priority over a story that was still developing. The fact that he was in New Orleans, a place that is still trying to recover made it seemed even more of an insult to break away to cover a story with out any true substance. There are many reasons that the media is seen in such disregard amongst the American populace and the case of the "Ballon Boy" is a primary example. How can the general public be expected to take anything the media reports on with any credibility?  I realize that with everything going on in the world a diversion every once in a while is a nice break but maybe a little more thought should go into the priorites the media has when sharing their unique and sometimes warped view of the world with their viewing audience.

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