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    Posted October 23, 2009 by
    Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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    What if we found common ground?

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    Ways to Reduce National Deficit


    Now I am not an accountant, and I don't work with the president's budget ... but I do my own home's budget and work with my church's ... and I have some very simple ways below in which I believe the National Deficit can be reduced ... and someday eliminated. What I don't understand is why politicians can't come up with or even just copy straight off iReport my ideas?  It's becoming more and more critical that we eliminate our deficit and fast!


    Ideas to Reduce the National Deficit

    1.) Freeze Salaries of Federal Employees

    - private co's are doing it, why not the gov't?  and I've even propose drastic salary reductions for Congress and the Senate

    2.) Fix Social Security or End it

    - if it's not going to pay for itself, it shouldn't exist

    3.) Fix the Post Office or End It

    - if it's not going to pay for itself, it shouldn't exist

    4.) Severely Cut NASA Spending

    - the space station is unnecessary

    5.) Fix Medicare or End it

    - if it's not going to pay for itself, it shouldn't exist

    6.) Fix Medicade or End it

    - if it's not going to pay for itself, it shouldn't exist

    7.) End the Wars

    - Iraq and Afghanistan do not appear as important as once thought

    8.) End EarMarks Immediately 100%

    - if a bill has spending, the spending should be for the bill ... not for totally unrelated side projects

    9.) No More Bailouts

    - nothing is too big to fail, if something drives itself into the ground let it fail

    10.) No More Stimulus

    - spending now only delays the inevitable ... we have to pay that back you must remember

    11.) Immediately place Travel Restrictions on Politicians

    - if they aren't going to pay for it out of pocket, then the amount of travel they do should be drastically restricted

    12.) Politicians go on Medicare or Medicaid

    - they should no longer get a special more priviledged health plan, they get what we get

    13.) Immediate Spending freeze on all government programs

    - for a few years, absolutely no exceptions ... no government program can get more $ than it's already getting


    And is there even more we could cut to reduce the deficit?  you bet! virtually unlimited possibilities.


    But the bottom line is we should never run a budget deficit again ... we should dig our heels in deep ... and find a way to get out of this national debt before it's too late.

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