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    Birch Run, Michigan
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    A New View Of Pitbulls


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Local media reports that the dog in question, who came from a neighbor’s house, will be euthanized after an observation period.
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    Hello All!!!  It's been a long time since I've posted here on  iReport as I have had some health battles and had to fight hard and stay strong!! I really love iReport because it allows everybody to see raw news and views from everyday people!!

    Since I've been gone I've had time to reflect on a lot of issues that I think in the past I was a little closed minded about.

    When you face the possibility of death, the great unknown, you begin to look around at the little things in life we often take for granted. I picked this story about these two young boys, who saved a little girl from a pitbull attack. This was actually my proudest moment here on iReport because for one it made it on CNN.com's front page!!! But mostly because it's quite ironic that, I took a stand that  all pitbulls are "vicious" and behold I am now the proud owner of "Bella" an abused rescued pitbull, who was locked in a bathroom in an abandoned house for days with no food,heat, and only the water in the toilet to drink.

    She was skin and bones and I could tell she had a litter of pups not so long ago, and when I looked into those sad brown eyes of her as she shook from the cold, I was amazed that She was wagging her tail!! My heart broke, and even though I was going through my struggle just to survive, so was she, and I felt an instant connection with her. I thought look at her, no food, no love, cold and bony, yet there was a unconditional love in an animal that though so abused held out some hope that She would find kindness in a human being with the wag of a tail!

    The moral of my story would have to be, you can't judge a book by it's cover, and never read the last page because to journey through the chapters may enlighten your life.

    Bella, has been my constant companion and even though her breed is "Pitbull" She is the sweetest,kindest,smartest dog I have ever had! She has helped me conquer my struggles head on and gave me will to go forward even though I got tired. She always knew when I was ready to give up, because she would look at me with those brown eyes I saw that day in the bathroom, and that constant wag of the tail inspired me to fight on!!!

    It's great to be back, and I look forward to adding to the quality of content iReport puts forth.

    Remember the moral of the story "Don't judge a book by it's cover!!





    Flint, Michigan 10.27.09


    Do you know how you would react if you were minding your own business, in your own yard when all of a sudden out of nowhere a vicious pitbull starts attacking one of you friends?? Well Keith Sampson age 11 and Thomas Corbett age 13  did not think when they choked out a pitbull that was attacking 3 year old Brooklyn on her birthday on this Sunday afternoon. They were just doing what kids do out in the back yard on a Fall day. Thomas built a leaf pile for Brooklyn to play in and the next thing they know they were locked in a battle of life and death. And won!!!

    Also attacked this day was Christine Keaton (Kelly) who had run outside to the sound of horrific screams!! Christine told me that she knew those screams were not just children playing, that they were screams of pure terror!

    The pitbull's jaw locked on her arm after it attacked her. The pictures do not show the pain or the fact she says she will never be the same.

    You can see her story here:


    The boys tell the story of how a Fall day became a struggle of life and death. Their Mother, Jennifer Burcar said " There was no way you could have stopped that dog from attacking, it would have been like trying to stop a drive by shooting"

    Their Father, Matthew Bucar said he is very proud of his boys.

    I have to say so am I. Great job boys! You really are heroes!

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