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    Store Owner Seeks Protection For Tenants In SL


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     The latest news from the virtual world of Second Life, courtesy JaneyBracken.
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    One sad thing about Second Life is that there seems to be very little protection for business people if a partner or business partner decides to destroy the company.  There is also little that can be done to stop people losing their homes or business premises if land is rented or leased and the sim owner decides to evict the tenant.


    I heard today that the very popular prêt-a-porter fashion store, Wetherbys, has been forced to close.  Wetherbys was unusual in the fact that it supplied smart clothing and accessories by displaying the real life clothing with the SL version alongside for people to buy ‘in-world’.  Mrs Wetherby (Alejandra Jumanya/Rosa Wetherby) was also very generous, if you belonged to the group, you could collect a free dress from her wonderful range each day.


    As the story unfolded today it became evident that Mrs Wetherby had been leasing the region where her store was located from the owner of the sim, Cinthya Loveless, who owns a vast number of sims around the SL grid.  Mrs Wetherby paid her rent on the 11 October, this had not been due until 13 October, so her rent had not expired.  In the meantime Mrs Wetherby had broken up from a relationship with her boyfriend who asked the sim owner, Ms Loveless, to hand over the ownership of the land to him.  On doing so, Mrs Wetherby’s ex-boyfriend allegedly destroyed the whole sim.  The store, which was huge has completely vanished.    It is also alleged that this man has destroyed 15 other stores in connection with Mrs Wetherby as well.


    Mrs Wetherby has handed out this information regarding the closure of the store and a further notice asking her former customers to take action for her, as Linden Labs seem reluctant to interfere in such matters.


    Mrs Wetherby’s notice says “Right now in sl, tenants and renters have no rights. Sim owners can do whatever they want with no recourse. No notice evictions, auto return a tenant's blongings..


    Please lodge complaints against sim owners who conduct business questionably... and contact LL and demand rights for tenants and renters! They couldn't do this in rl, (real life) don't let them get away with it in sl either.


    Alejandra Jumanya has  filed a ticket #4051-6945454 - please support her and others like her who have lost so much - next time it could be YOU!”


    Whilst it seems some steps can be taken in respect of protecting your designs being stolen or copied in SL, it would seem that there is little that can be done if items are deleted or if land owners decide to evict you from their sims.  I hope that the wonderful store does come back and Mrs Wetherby’s customers can once again delight in her fabulous creations.   (Picture above of Hibiscus Hastings and I in the store before it was demolished).

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