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    Posted November 20, 2009 by
    Lorton, Virginia
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    Schools in trouble

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    Isn't education free? YES IT IS! College is a SCAM!


    An education is needed. A piece of paper saying that I spent $80,000 for that education is not!


    College is a scam. I am serious about this. College is a scam.  The idea that you NEED a degree is an idea (kind of like going green) that sounds good but is just a way to make money off of people.


    EDUCATION is needed, however, education is free! Wait, what did you just say? Education is free? YES! Education is free! College is a theif.


    if yuo want to learn about the Civil War, you can learn it, free! If you want to learn how lava turns into rock, you can, for free. If you are going to UCLA, for example, and want to know where everything is on campus, you can do that for free.. Then why do they have classes like welcome to UCLA, that costyou money?



    Think about it. Businesses are partnered with Colleges. How many businesses prefer yuo have a degree from a certain one, or couple of schools? By having that a prerequisite, they are bringing in money FOR the college.

    So, businesses and college partner up. Business tell future employees they need a degree to work there, or get promoted to certain levels. They also recomend the college that's "best for that". The college makes money off of you, business gets a cut, and there is NO GUARANTEE you get to that level or even a job, due to competition!


    The idea of an EDUCATION makes sense. The idea yuo need a degree, half of which is spent on basic subjects like history, geology, etc., (which yuo can learn on your own if you really wanted to), only to finally give you the BASICS of your career study which only gives you an ENTRY level position into that career where you THEN REALIZE what you learned in college was so vague and basic you need to completely learn your ACTUAL JOB from scratch making it feel like the last for years of your life did nothing but stress you, give you and entry level low paying position, only give you a basic understanding, and left you tens of thousands of dollars in debt!... doesn't make sense.


    Why yuo think you are forced to buy books that half the time professors don't even use?



    Business haves worked with college to sell that idea, all in a way to get people to spend their money, with no garantee it will do anything for them.. EDUCATION is important, EDUCATION. College is just a scam.


    why do you think there are so many colleges? It's a good market, that's why! I thought the idea of college was that super smart professor you get to work with.. well, hell, half of college is online now!


    i'm telling you. This idea that a degree from a 4 year university is now the next HS diploma, is all just an idea used by schools to get you to give them money..


    again EDUCATION is needed, yes. College is just a way to make money..

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