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    Posted June 17, 2008 by
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    Same-sex marriage: Civil right vs. states' rights

    Stop the Insanity



    As a previous citizen of the US, and having to continue to

    read the shameful ways Americans are allowing this kind of insanity

    to go on, is just more justification for why I left in the first

    place. The insanity is that allowing gay people to marry is even in

    question. It should never have been a question in the first place

    as it should never have been a question as to whether slavery was

    right... Whether women should be allowed to vote and whether black

    people should be respected and given the same general rights and

    opportunities as white folk. In my own mind, these are just obvious

    things and its so shameful that Americans still need to squabble

    over such things when the rest of the world (For the most part)

    have already become somewhat enlightened in these matters.

    The other thing that bothers me most is how everyone who is a

    Christian or religious seems to turn this whole thing in to

    something about them. Not everyone is a Christan nor cares what

    your opinion is about this matter. And no, Marriage has nothing to

    do with your religion no matter what you book of ancient text and

    scrolls tends to say. Its meaningless to most sane thinking people.

    And Christianity for the most part causes more harm to people than

    almost anything else. It teaches intolerance and hatred and bigotry

    towards those who don't share your views. Shame on you. I even read

    where Christians believe that Gay marriage hurts kids and that it

    confuses them. How about imaginary fairy tales of invisible beings

    that love and care for you but are never seen, but will send you to

    a lake of fire if you don't obey him. Scaring children in to being

    "good"? Again... Shame on you. Also... the biggest thing that

    angers me is seeing Christians compare homosexuality to bestiality.

    I believe that too many Christians have a preoccupation with animal

    sex and that its very strange that almost all of them go in that

    direction when trying to debate gay marriage. Despite what

    Christians believe, what human a person loves, is their business

    and it should be accepted by the general public and those people

    should be given the same equal rights. So please, stop telling me

    and other homosexuals that its like having sex with animals and

    that somehow its unnatural and not normal. I believe most likely,

    Christianity is not normal, and more harmful.

    Stop debating over common sense things and focus on things

    that need fixing such as the real separation of Church and state.



    +*Marriage and unity of loving people is a basic human right

    for everyone regardless of color, race or sexual preference.* +



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