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    31 tips on how to boost your immune system and prevent serious illnesses such as cancer


    This information is provided as is and I make no garanty as to its factual content


    Environmental factors like diet and nutrition, stress, sleep deprivation, pollution, toxins, obesity, smoking, and alcohol can overwhelm your body and lead to serious illnesses like cancer.

    Diet and the Usual Recommendations

    1) Eat lots of vegetables, fresh, frozen, but not canned.
    2) Eat lots of fruits, fresh, frozen, but not canned.
    3) Eat plenty of fiber, grains, and nuts.
    4) Take a multivitamin and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
    5) Take a vitamin B complex.
    6) Get your sources of fat from good sources such fish oil (polyunsaturated) (Omega 3’s), olive oil (monounsaturated), coconut fat (saturated).

    The Body

    1) You need to exercise to stimulate your body, the growth hormone, and cell mitochondria.
    2) You need to get plenty of sleep for recovery and to repair your body, cells, and cell DNA.

    *Nervous System* and Stress Management

    1) Take control of your worries; make an action plan, address the issues, brainstorm, find solutions, etc. Once you have solutions or thought of better outcomes you can relax better.
    2) You need some downtime to relax your *nervous system*,*very important* for the immune system, and to give your immune system a boost.
    3) Drink green or herbal tea, do deep breathing exercises, try yoga, listen to reiki music, take a hot scented bath, get a massage, etc. Try them all as a combination.
    4) Do social, group, or community activities.

    Boost your Glutathione; it’s your body’s most powerful antioxidant and detoxifier.

    1) Eat sulfur rich vegetables such as garlic, onions, broccoli, kale, and cabbage.
    2) Take bioactive whey protein that contain cysteine, glycine, and glutamine the simple building blocks of glutathione. (Whey protein and glutamine can also be purchased separately or premixed)
    3) Take a vitamin B complex, a very important part of boosting Glutathione levels.

    Cell Health and Stress Resistance

    1) Take Alpha Lipoic Acid to improve your cell health and prevent cell DNA damage. (good for the brain)
    2) Take Omega 3 to improve your cell health and prevent cell DNA damage. (good for the brain)
    3) Eat food that is rich in Choline such as meat and whole eggs to improve cell health and prevent cell DNA damage. (good for the brain) ) (sources: whole eggs, beef liver, meat, cauliflower, navy beans, almonds)

    Other Supplements worth mentioning

    1) Resveratol is good for cell health and also helps in recovery and repair. ($)
    2) CoQ10 helps in detoxification, recovery, repair, and good for cell health. ($)


    1) Take probiotics to improve intestinal flora and boost your immune system.



    1) Smoking (can inactivate vitamin B6)
    2) Alcohol (can deplete vitamin B levels)
    3) Sugar, processed foods, artificial sweeteners.
    4) Caffeine (can deplete vitamin B levels)
    5) A nutrition deficient diet.
    6) Overwhelming or overexerting your body. (applies to overwork and downtime)
    7) Pollution, toxins, allergens, and mold.
    8) Stress and sleep deprivation.
    9) Radiation from microwaves, cell phones, radar, and x-rays.
    10) Heavy metals such as mercury and lead.



    ($) means a relatively expensive supplement.

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