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    Posted December 27, 2009 by
    Boynton Beach, Florida

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    "White Guilt 101 at the University of Minnesota?"


    On the December 15 airing of Bill O'Reilly's The Factor, he took universities to task concerning education courses which preach "white

    privilege", "the lack of true meritocracy", summing it up as "white guilt 101" and the that message to students is "America is bad." I think he missed the mark.


    The segment lasts about five minutes (see below):



    As an educator of sorts (adjunct professor at a two-year college), I think this smacks of p.c. indoctrination and is patent nonsense.

    However, colleges and universities are not bastions of far-left ideology (as Mr. O'Reilly states), or even true liberal arts education. On the contrary, they follow our capitalist corporate model: students as

    customers, grade inflation to sustain retention for maximum revenue. Students are not challenged but enabled. It's McUniversity. Would you like a + with that B?


    Also, the majority of higher education's faculty are "adjuncts" who typically earn around $10
    per hour with no benefits. This runs consistently with the corporate model of cheap labor to minimize expenses and maximize profits.As a reference, I recommend a PBS documentary, "Declining by Degrees: Higher Education at Risk."


    So what if a few professors espouse some radical theories? The students, who are sleepwalking through their classes, aren't listening anyway.

    The real indoctrination (indoctrination seeming to be Mr. O'Reilly's concern) (i.e., what sticks to students) is viewing education as a commodity, a philosopy, a way of life promoted by our capitalistic system.


    I know Mr. O'Reilly has a background as an educator. I haven't noticed higher education discussed much on his program. But higher education is in serious trouble and not because of nitwit curriculae like "White Guilt 101".


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