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    For a Better Future


    While the Dutch think it is a good idea to decriminalize the use of drugs, I can guarantee you that using drugs, of any kind, will certainly bring some form of loss.

    In most cases, people who think that marijuana is a light drug and will not cause any harm should also consider that the same criminals, who get into a gunfight with police, are the same people who helped, or participated in the process of planting, growing or selling it to you. In other words, you are contributing to crime and death of other people in your country and other countries, as well. You are affecting the lives of hundreds of people.

    Right now, there's probably a mother in another country weeping because her 12-year-old son was working on a marijuana plantation when a gunfight broke out with police and he was caught in the crossfire. He was just trying to bring some extra money home so that his mother could have a better Christmas.

    Even if your argument is "well, if I can grow my own pot then the problem will be solved". You may be right but you are most likely wrong. This will be a new phenomenon that we haven't had a chance to experience, yet. And why should we even try when people like Jules Verne, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci envisioned a future where people would live in a world to make space trips and explore the depths of our earth and its oceans, discover new galaxies and planets. I truly can't picture myself or anyone else, for that matter, landing on another planet and offering a stash of weed to E.T. as a token from earth. What's next? They are going to invite us to do a couple of lines of their white stardust?

    Here are the possible outcomes for this new phenomenon of decriminalizing drugs:

    BEST CASE SCENARIO (IF YOU LIVE IN A COUNTRY WHERE CRIME IS UNDER CONTROL) - You grow your weed and nothing much happens, drug dealers continue to sell cocaine and other drugs, even marijuana, and life goes on. However, in less than a decade a new industry is born: The Marijuana Industry. The effects of that on the global economy is pretty much unpredictable. Experts may say that it will be beneficial, more taxes, more money, etc. And your children will be doing their homework while they take a puff or two. They’ll be done before the late night show and school will start at 11 a.m. the next day so that everyone has enough time to get some rest.

    WORST CASE SCENARIO (IF YOU LIVE IN A COUNTRY WHERE CRIME IS NOT UNDER CONTROL - i.e. most of the 195 existing countries in the world) - Criminals who can no longer make a profit will start new criminal activities to make up for that market share they have lost. These criminal activities include, burglary, bank robbery, murders, kidnappings, etc.

    What we should keep in mind is that we all know that smoking pot several times a day will diminish your clarity of thought and make you more sedentary and that is definitely not an option for our future.

    I can't picture a scientist, who has smoked pot several times a day, trying to unveil the secrets of nanotechnology or quantum mechanics and if we are to engage in a better world, marijuana is not on our side.

    For small countries like Holland, it is easy to control this problem, or is it?

    In November 1 of 2008, almost 200 different hallucinogenic mushrooms were forbidden in that country after three serious accidents, one of them resulted in the tragic death of a 17-year old French girl. But what do hallucinogenic mushrooms have to do with marijuana? Everything!

    They are as inextricably linked as poverty and fatal diseases (Africa), corrupt politicians and street riots (Iran), ethnical segregation and religious wars (Palestine). It won't be any different with marijuana. If we follow the example of the Netherlands we are doomed to perish in a dark future because one thing leads to another.

    I want a future with many Walt Disneys, lots of Jules Vernes and plenty of Einsteins and a bunch of Da Vincis.

    Enough of Hitlers, Mahmoud Ahmadinejads and Che Guevaras.

    Say NO to drugs! Say NO to decriminalization!

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