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    Posted June 23, 2008 by
    Singapore, Singapore
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    Pain at the pump

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    Dear readers, It was a surprise move by the Ministers of consuming countries favouring a hike in oil production at the current Jeddah oil conference. This is a contradictory policy of Sir Nicholas Stern climate crisis report from the UK. Look around us floodings in China, USA, India, Filippines and Burma.More oil production hike, more ghg emissions. On one hand, the G8 leaders are calling to curtail carbon emissions as soon as possible to mitigate climate change. Now the same people are in favour of hike in oil productions. The World must look at how we can stretch that same one litre of fuel we are using by having more miles to that same litre.As combustion by law of science is inefficient, today technology is able to enhance combustion efficiency in all fuel either by additive, maintenance, or upgrading of mechanical parts.Energy efficiency in combustion efficiency have more potent potential than the barrels of oil Saudi Arabia have promised to increase. The potential of energy efficiency in existing fuel we use is more than 30% ,that means 30% more miles per litre. If you have clean airfilters, good tyre pressure or low rolling resistance tyres and maintain the vehicles well or engines well.HIGHER COMBUSTION EFFICIENCY IS POSSIBLE WITH INFERNOFUEL, and we are USA EPA registered. Our technology to enhance combustion efficiency in all fuel is "SPINTRONIC" that helps fuel to complete or enhance combustion efficiency.Besides, calling the use of all other renewable energy potential like solar,wind, hydro ,tidal and etc etc green energy. The leaders are making a wrong call to hike oil production.Climate change and catastrophic disasters are before our eyes, and the only way to reduce ghg emission is not to hike oil production to combat climate change. Leaders of G8, please reexamine your call. www.infernofuel.com
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