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    LOST Season Finale Premire Review


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     KCRep watched Tuesday night's final season premiere of "Lost," and has a few thoughts and spoilers to spill. Do you agree with her review? Share yours here.
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    I've been watching LOST since it first aired, I haven't missed one episode, this is a review of the season 6 premire which is the start of the finale of LOST.   Spoiler alert, if you haven't seen this episode yet and are planning to, then please do not read any further.  It was a great and long awaited episode.



    This episode starts out the same as the very first show, but, in some instances, it is reversed!  You see the plane flying over the island, the plane goes through some turbulance, Jack starts stressing out and Rose calms him down (reversal).  The plane does not crash, it continues on to LAX.  All the original characters are on the plane.  Sun and Jin are checking out the Rolex.  Kate is with the officer bringing her in for murder, she is handcuffed.  Charlie is in the bathroom trying to kill himself, he gets thwarted by Jack and busted for drugs at LAX.  Desmond comes and sits by Jack, Jack asks if they have met before, Desmond was never on the original Oceanic flight.  Boone is on this flight but without his sister Shannon! Sawyer gives Kate "the look" as he passes by her.  Hurley reacts to something Sawyer said to him by saying "I never have bad luck, I'm the luckiest guy in the world" (reversal).


    When the plane lands at LAX Jack finds out his dad's coffin never made it on the plane and they can't find it.  Jin gets detained at customs for having a large amount of undeclared cash in his bags.  Sun pretends not to speak english when questioned.  Locke is told his bag of knives are missing from the plane.


    Note that the words above, highlighted in black, should come in handy trying to figure out what's really going on during this season.


    Meanwhile, back on the island,  Juliette is heard moaning in the shaft, Sawyer gets to her just in time to kiss her and she dies, but not after letting him know "it worked".  Hurley sees Jacob, since Hurley can see dead people, Jacob tells Hurley to take Sayid to the temple to heal him.  At the temple there are another group of others who, after reading a note from Jacob that Hurley gave them, take Sayid to the healing waters where they literally drown him, but not on purpose because they knew if they didn't heal Sayid they would be in "alot of trouble". Jack tries to revive Sayid to no avail.  Later at the end of the show, Sayid comes alive, but, is it really Sayid, or did Jacob take over his body?


    So, there's the synopsis of the show.  No answers yet, but alot more questions for sure.


    Oh wait, one question seems to have been answered, the Smoke Monster....that's Flocke....the fake Locke.   Is his middle name Ness?


    Tune in next week!!

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