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    Posted February 3, 2010 by
    Hull, Quebec
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    The Really, Really BIG Issue of Our Times


    Read the comments on any article any given day concerning Palestinians in the Jerusalem Post.



    I know the people who write to newspapers are a small minority of the population, and may not reflect the views of ¨the People.¨

    What concerns me most about the Public comments in the Jerusalem Post is 99% of them view the Palestinians as being sub human, like the Nazis viewed the Jews in another time and another place. That could be an accurate reflection of ¨the People,¨ increasing the odds Armageddon will take place.

    Armageddon is derived from Har Mediggo, a place located in the Occupied West Bank Today. Har Mediggo existed 2000 years ago, but then, it was known in the Roman Empire as the Land of Palestine.

    Israel is a Theocratic, nuclear armed, real world State among the Nations of our earth and that fact alone should cause thinking people to at least try to understand the religious background that brought it into being.


    Israel is facing off against the other Theocratic State in the area, threatening an illegal, pre-emptive, first strike against Iran. The U.S. already did that in Iraq, so that is an example to follow.


    We know Muslims do not fear Death as most of the people in Western Cultures do, contrary to one of the essentials of the Christian Faith. It is also evident the Zionists in Israel are prepared to fight to the very end.


    All attribute their power and authority to the same One God of Abraham. In effect, this means the God of Abraham fighting a war against the God of Abraham. If anyone thinks suicide bombers are bad, they would pale in comparison to the suicide of God. A House divided against itself cannot stand.


    All three ritual, traditional, religions to the God of Abraham meet in Jerusalem where Christ was crucified. The final status of Jerusalem is yet to be determined.

    Concerned Citizens should be very vigilant as the Israeli/Palestinian struggle unfolds. If we wait until it explodes into war, it will be too late.


    The world media is focused on Haiti as we see so many humans needing help living idle in the rubble with nothing.


    A year has already passed since Israel pounded Gaza with all it´s military might in Operation Cast Lead.


    The Palestinians in Gaza are still living in all that rubble with nothing but idleness and time to think.  Israel maintains a complete and total economic blockade around Gaza and will not allow construction materials in to re-build. The world remains silent.


    I´m a Canadian Christian, but most importantly, a human. Under those conditions in Gaza, if I were a Palestinian Muslim, as a human, I would justifiably resist.


    Ray Joseph Cormier





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