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    Fun Fitness, Heart Health and A Domino's Pizza Review?


    I'm still working on getting back my six pack, this is one of my most important goals this year.  I'm really serious about this, but when I heard about Domino's New Pizza a few weeks ago I wanted to taste one. I finally did last week, it was great so I had to do a review too!


    The Pizza: As a whole, the pizza tastes great! It has a great flavor, and its hardy! (Can I say hardy about pizza?)


    The Cheese: I don't really taste the difference in the cheese, but they said that it is 100% real mozzarella with a hint of provolone. Personally it tastes like average pizza cheese to me. Better than my local grocery stores pizza, but no better than Papa John's


    The Sauce: The sauce is tangy, I know that's not the best description but try this, It makes my mouth water when I think about the taste.


    The Crust: On the box they use the words "upper" crust so lets talk about that first. I love it It reminds me honestly of the bread sticks I get from Pizza Hut. That garlicky, buttery, flavory, savory taste.


    The Under Crust?: The crust on the bottom taste good too. The only thing I don't like about it is that gritty, salt like substance. I think they use that so the pizza does not stick. Do all pizza places use that stuff? What is it? I can deal with it. I just don't like it!


    Over All: The pizza gets a 9 out of 10. Out of the pizzas I eat here in Cincinnati: LaRosa's, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Store Bought, and Domino's. Domino's is 2nd, Pizza Hut 1st, Papa John's, LaRosa's, store bought! If UNO's Pizza was still around Domino's would be 3rd. In all fairness I have to try Pizza Hut and The New Domino's side by side!


    I know this video is mostly about pizza, but don't forget it is America Heart Month and here are a few links that you can use to help promote good heart health.









    More Fitness Tips:


    How to Get Back My Six Pack!


    Drink Water and Check with your doctor before exercising


    How I will Get Back My Six Pack in 2010


    Cardio: is short for Cardiovascular (Heart) Cardio exercise raises your heart rate for a short time.

    Ex: Jogging, Running, Swimming


    Changing Bad Eating Habits / Eating Right: Eating heatlthier food. Ex. Fruits, Vegetables, Whole grains


    Crunch: Like a mini sit-up with focus on building abdominal muscles. Ex Like a sit up but dont go up all the way.


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