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    New Domino's Pizza Review: A Domino's Pizza Review


    A Domino's Pizza Review with a Side Order of Heart Health Links!

    Before I begin this review, I will let you know that I give the new Domino's Pizza a 9 out of 10. It has a great taste and a great price.



    I'm still working on getting back my six pack, this is one of my most important goals in 2010. I'm really serious about this, but when I heard about Domino's new pizza a few weeks ago I wanted to taste it. January 29th my wife and I finally bought two new pizzas for a reasonable price. They tasted great so I had to do a review!


    I will mention that I'm not a professional writer or review guy. I don't know all of the review terminology so I'm just going to give it to you from a layman's point of view. I will also mention that I worked at a Domino's pizza store part time in 1993, then again for the winter months in 2007 so I've seen how the inside of one of these pizza franchises works. I've ate a lot of Domino's Pizza too! It doesn't really help with my review, but at least you know.


    Let's get to the pizza review:


    The Pizza: As a whole, the pizzas we purchased on January 29th, tasted great! They had a great flavor, and they were hardy! I don't know if people would use the word hardy to describe the average pizza, but something about the ones we ate had a rich taste. The pizzas from that night filled me up, they were not greasy, they seemed healthy, not to heavy and my hunger was satisfied. Was it really healthy? According to Domino's Website "Pizza can be healthy. It's just a matter of choosing the right ingredients." They also say "Lean toward vegetables, go light on the cheese and you'll be surprised how healthy it can be." We had one mushroom pizza and one olive pizza, so we were cool with the vegetables but our cheese was nowhere close to light. Twice maybe, but not light. So were they healthy? Most likely not, but as long as we keep our pizzas down to one every two or three months, with regular exercise, we should be all right. Overall, the new Domino's pizza gets a 9 out of 10.


    The Cheese: I don't really taste the difference in the cheese, but they said that it is 100% real mozzarella with a hint of provolone. Personally it tastes like average pizza cheese to me. Domino's new cheese is better than my local grocery stores pizza, but no better than Papa John's or Pizza Hut's in my opinion. Just for your information, I like most cheeses that I've tasted, but I'd rather not eat sharp cheddar, it taste funny to me. So about this new cheese, I'm sure it gave some flavor, but it did not make or break the pizza for me.


    The Sauce: The sauce is herby and tangy, I know that's not the best description but try this, It makes my mouth water when I think about the taste. It's happening now! It must be in my mind. I have to be up front, my wife and I ordered the two pizzas on Friday January 29th. Next Wednesday as I was editing my pizza video review, my mouth started watering while watching video clips and pictures from Friday. So I ordered two more on Wednesday, February 3rd. We are on a tight budget, but it's like the sauce was calling my name. "Gregory, Gregory'",and nobody even calls me Gregory! You should have seen my reaction. It was 11:30pm est, our area Domino's closed at 12:00am. My wife was like, "where are you going?" I said "I'm going to get another Domino's pizza." She said "all right!" But there was this look in her eyes. I'll explain that look in a future video or article. One thing I will say now is that the sauce is a major part of this new pizza for me.


    The Crust: On the box they use the words "upper" crust so lets talk about that first. I love it! It reminds me of the bread sticks I get from Pizza Hut. That garlicky, buttery, flavory, savory taste. The sauce and the crust together make this new Domino's pizza for me, I could literally just eat the sauce and crust with parmesan cheese and be totally satisfied.


    The Under Crust?: I should know if it's called the under crust or not, because I've been through two Domino's training classes, but I'm not really sure. The under crust sounds like a geological term. Anyway, the crust on the bottom tastes good too. The only thing I don't like about it is that gritty, grainy-like substance on the bottom. Do all pizza places use that stuff? What is it? I can deal with it. I just don't like it! Other than that, I like the bottom crust.


    A Review of the pizza review: As I mentioned before, I give this new Domino's pizza 9 out of 10. Going against the pizzas that I've eaten here in Cincinnati, Ohio, I would put it in second place. I give first place to Pizza Hut! Third place Donato's, (I'm not a thin crust kind of guy, but it taste great.) fourth place Papa John's, fifth place LaRosa's. If Uno's was still here in the city, it would be number one. Maybe that's why they called it Uno's? Just a thought. I think Uno's use to be a Chicago style pizza. I assume if I lived in Chicago or New York, Dominos pizza maybe further down on the list, but in Cincy, for the taste and budget, they are now at the top for me! In all fairness I have to try Pizza Hut and The New Domino's side by side to see who would ultimately reign supreme.


    American Heart Month: I know this article is mostly about pizza, but don't forget it is American Heart Month and here are a few links that you can use to help promote good heart health.


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    Sources: Domino's Pizza site, American Heart Association

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