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    Second Life Talent Contest Produced for National TV


    V Starr Incorporated to the SL stage and the Real Life Air.


    I met with Redd Jiagu, the owner of V Starr , recently and talked

    about a new event coming to SL. After Redd had heard so many horror

    stories about other talent contests, she took matters into her own




    Redd enlisted the talents of Attim Hokkigai to help build the

    islands of V Starr Inc. and the corporation’s contest starting with 4

    complete sims, a complete sim each dedicated to a mall, orientation,

    green room, and contest island conjoined together. These are the four

    foundation islands which will later have eight more complete sim

    islands conjoined for a total of 12 in all.



    This amazing project also boasts the largest suspension bridge built

    in SL spanning 3 sims in length and topping out at 90 meters with the

    walking platform topping 60 meters, which will be covered later in

    related stories. The monorail/maglev system will speed residents and

    contestants from one end of the sim (mall island) all the way to the

    other end of the four islands (event/contest center) alongside the

    walking path of the suspension bridge, bypassing all the foot traffic

    and getting you from your shopping to the contest in high class style,

    speed and efficiency.



    “The event center is a out door pavillian meets the sydney opera

    house theme” explains Redd, “I started it about 3 months ago. Nobody

    else would do it, so I put my money where my mouth is and did it.”



    So what is this all about? “In association with the Leadership in

    Music Council, Purdue Univeristy and many others we are proud to be

    bringing the World Wide Talent Contest to Second Life. A One Year

    Contract with Graham Entertainment Nashville/ LA, $100,000.00 USD and a

    One Million Dollar Recording contract to include classes, professonal

    photo shoots, management, production, studio time, product placement,

    radio teams and distribution for our Grand Prize Winner. “



    Redd’s efforts have not gone unnoticed in building her company and

    the SL sims to house her company and the contest. She has garnered the

    attention of Purdue University and it is no shock that they are

    particpating in a case study and are working with V Starr Corp on the

    execution of key points of their business model in conjunction with the

    Economic Development Center, and Business Development Center.



    From the CEO of Advanced Content Services: ( Joint Venture

    Partnership) “This is quite an honor for the company’s business model

    to be used in a case study for a prestigious Big Ten University such as

    Purdue. The case study will be a project for a select group in the MBA

    program and staff. In return for the project I am looking forward to

    having several minds working with me to create, optimize and implement

    the plan for this awesome opportunity. I am extremely honored to be

    able to work with Dr. Todorovic.”



    V Starr has also started collaborating efforts with leaders in the

    music industry by participating in a case study for the music industry

    directly related to the internet audience and this contest. A Senior

    Executive with Echo Music related, “Our Leadership Music project isn’t

    a secret. Share the word. We’ll want to include you in our PR




    It is as easy as going to the company web page to join the contest!

    The show will be entirely 100% produced in SL and post produced in RL

    for a one hour show broadcast world wide (32 countries) on network TV

    once a week.



    Redd says, “It is the first network TV show 100% SL content. This is

    about getting people noticed for their ability to sing, a fair contest

    about singing, not closed door meetings deciding who the winner should

    be this year.”



    What truly amazed me about Redd was her charisma and character, her

    drive and determination. In months of hard work, she has created a

    company, built the sims in SL and done all the footwork to put this

    show together. Redd Jiagu, former kindergarten school teacher, age…….23.



    From Greenroom Island, this is Rocket FLaheart for CNN.



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