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  • Posted February 16, 2010 by
    Copenhagen/Valby, Denmark
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    Unrest in Iran

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    Dear Publlic...how you do?love all.Jesus is Love!


    but...be careful anywhere.its so many criiminals and terorists.evil walking free arround us.they want to destroy all democrasy!thats hard,but impossible.NATO is super,super power!USA and EU its together(if we forget CIA Flights)no more troubles.we are together again.Denish is secretary of NATO.MR fogl.ex prime minister.He is inteligent and smart.I suport his parti and conservatives,liberals and Dansk Folke Parti.Denmark pays big texes!we have free shcools,medicine,hospitals,evrything.we are Christian Country and sociaty.Its not nice at see so much brunke on the streets of copennhagen.muslim women its everywhere.they are very primitive and they provocate us with this clothes.but what to do.its free world.bt question is why we need to watch them hete?why they come?why they get asylum?the permanet visa and our passports?they dont want to be part of us.they will newr be part of us!what they realy doing here?why islam in NATO and EU,USA?its big nomber in EU.15 milions mulsims.thats not fer asnd nice.they need to pay us in olil for this support in EU and USA.rich oil muslims countries need to pay for this refuggees here.they need also to buy our tehnologies and everytjing will be fine.bt when willl that start?!?they still hate west civilazatgion!its big problem to make peece with them and buisness after all we are not comunists!we need to have cheap gassolin.we need to safe the money!borsen need to wrok theire job.we need to have ecomomic prices with all world!imperalizam is our destony.europe need to have imperilaistsa partis too.thats the point of capitlaizam-the imprelializam.ok thats it work on that globaly.God blass you.We belive in Christ.In GOD we Trust.your sincerley sasa.

    p.s.give us good and cheap food,all things,better standard,quality life and services.we need to live b etter all world.

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