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    Boca Raton, Florida
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    Oleda Baker's new beauty, health book BREAKING THE AGE BARRIER


    BOOK: BREAKING THE AGE BARRIER Great Looks and Health at Every Age


    WHY OLEDA BAKER STILL STAYS YOUNG AT AGE 76…YOUR “How-To-Book” on staying vibrant and youthful for life….AND

    how she really does it!



    Revealed at last by Oleda who still makes her living by looking young, keeping healthy and full of energy…. what she really does is now all under one cover!


    THE HEAD-TO-TOE, INSIDE OUT, “HOW-TO” TOTAL GUIDE FOR BEAUTIFUL, VIBRANT AGING Oleda shows you how to take years off your face, transform yourself into the best YOU ever, carve pounds off your figure, every good feature perfected, and bad features disguised. Great looks and great health are not born…they are made! 


    WHAT’S INSIDE THIS BOOK: (there’s much more).

      Oleda insists, and shows you how, working on all parts of your body at one time is easier and faster than tackling one “piece” at a time. Each “piece” helps the other “pieces” and the crossover speeds up the entire process for a more vibrant, healthy you.


    *adds not a single pound to her figure even though she has added years to her age. (page 96 -105)

    *keeps old age wrinkles away and NOT with a facelift.  (page 28- 41 )

    *her treasured use of aloe Vera, astringent, a thin washcloth and Alpha Hydroxy Acids for her face and neck. (pages 33,40,152)

    *how to keep hair strong, thickand healthy… discover the special 2 minute scalp massage.  .(pages 58, 61)

    *why she will not jog or run and why you should not either…what SHE does instead to save her body from the problems of old age. (pages 111-112)

    *to prevent hair loss, things she will never do. (page 69 -70)

    *why low bone density not only ages your body but actually ages your face and neck too as the scullbegins to shrink…how to stop it…possibly reverse it. (page 39)

    *what causes your bloaded stomach, what to do. (page 87-88) 

    *hormones - do you need them forbeauty and health, should you take   them or do you have enough? (page 92-95)  

    *how not to develop wrinkles or a double chin while sleeping and help prevent aging of neck and jowl lines.  (page 38-39)

    *why she does not need medications for arthritis, blood pressure, heart or any other “old age” prescriptions – Copy of a letter from her doctor. (page 10)

    *her special smoothie recipe with the highest amount of anti-aging oxidants you can ever drink, she drinks 5 days a week. (page 90)

    *learn about the misinterpretation concerning sunscreens that will age your skin. (page 21)

    *skin your largest organ – average 2000 square inches - and the best nutrition for it. (page 26-27) 

    *face-saving face-lifting exercises. (page 29-30)

    *the 3 minute nightly “Mini Facelift”cleansing routine - you have to cleanseanyway, do It right. (page 31-32)

    *how to shrink large pores and hide them with special makeup tricks. (page33)  

    *your overall health, energy and   longevity depend on the nutrients you feed your body…the cells in your body are the only building blocks of the only body you’ll ever have. (page 80 to 91)

    *the art of makeup deception for a more beautiful glamorous look, learnfrom the “master”. (page 150-167)

    *no figure is perfect -learn to fool theeye no matter what weight or body type you are…it’s called figure illusion. (page 168 -183)

    *plastic surgery and other enhancements….what can be done what not to do. (page 184-189) 

    *how to dazzle – strut your stuff - glamour at every age. (pages 190-191)



    SPECIAL Offer $19.95 +$5.00 S&H

    Call 800-731-4247or

                                        Click here to order www.oleda.com






    Oleda Baker, former NY Wilhelmina model, now age 75 (pictures above taken last week) says retirement is a dirty word:  She is C.E.O. of Oleda & Company and still modeling - - Museum exhibition artist  (oil on canvas) - author of 10 books with new book BREAKING THE AGE BARRIER out October 2010. Publisher New Chapter Publishing.

    Oleda began her career as a high fashion model with the prestigious Wilhelmina Model Agency, based in New York City and doing print and TV assignments in New York and Europe. She has written ten books on beauty, diet and health, published by Doubleday, Prentice-Hall (3), Putnam, Ballantine, Berkeley and Jove Press. She was beauty editor of Model’s Circle, a monthly beauty magazine, for which she was also responsible for two articles filling three pages a month.

    Oleda is CEO of Oleda and Company, Inc., her wholly-owned 37 year old anti-aging products, and information, company. She develops her products working with several independent manufacturing laboratories in the USA and writes the advertising copy. The extensive web site, www.oleda.com , has hundreds of products and volumes of anti aging information. She does not allow photos of her in ads, or her web site, to be retouched.

    Oleda Baker is a nationally recognized face and name and is a known beauty and health expert specializing in capturing the secrets of long lasting youthfulness. She is the best possible selling point for the books she writes and the products she develops. In promoting her previous books she was a frequent guest on TV and radio talk shows and did numerous newspaper interviews during extensive tours.

    Magazine stories and articles such as Cosmopolitan magazine, Red Book, US Magazine, etc., have given Oleda much coverage. She has been interviewed twice by Oprah Winfrey when Oprah was on People Are Talking. Oleda is a personality widely known in Scandinavia, South Africa, England, France Australia, Austria, Germany Canada, Puerto Rico, Japan and Saudi Arabia because of her anti-aging products.

    Oleda is a Naïve artist and has had exhibitions in New York City. An exhibition of her work showed at the Wichita Art Museum in Kansas. She exhibited 19 paintints at the Museum Of Florida Art, in DeLand, June 13th 2009 for 2 months. www.oledaart.com


    Books Written:

    The Model’s Way to Beauty, Slenderness and Glowing Health, Prentice-Hall, 1973 (also in paperback); The I Hate to Make Up Book. Prentice-Hall, 1975; 1976; How to Create the Illusion of a More Perfect Figure, Prentice-Hall, 1976; Twenty-Nine Forever, Putnam (paperback by Berkeley), 1977; How to Renovate yourself From Head to Toe, Doubleday, 1980; Reluctant Goddess (a novel, loosely based on her model/business/social/art world life), Jove, 1981. Her company has published the following: Oleda Baker’s Wrinkle Smoother Guide (booklet), Oleda Baker’s Hair Savers (booklet), Oleda Baker’s Age-Less Diet, Oleda Baker’s Super Hair Savers.

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