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    Posted March 5, 2010 by
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
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    John Patrick Bedell-Conspiracy Theories or Just Conspiracies?


    It is interesting how Americans can completely throw out ALL of their knowledge of government conspiracy. Government operates with the continual use of conspiracies. From the Bay of Pigs; to our involvement in the Congo; to Tuskegee; to LSD and the CIA; to IranContra; it is quite obvious that there is NEVER a time when a conspiracy isn't in motion. Why have Americans been convinced that the word conspiracy is synonymous with crack pot theory? Why do Americans completely ignore facts and, with a derogatory tone, yell "conspiracy theorist"?


    Media outlets are obviously propaganda machines. Their techniques were learned from Hitler, but we act like we are informed because we caught Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room. We scoff at anyone who would suggest government involvement in 9/11 even though we know for a FACT that we went into Iraq under false pretenses. Lies were told. We KNOW that. We know Bush wanted to go to Iraq before 9/11, but someone who connects the dots is labeled a crack pot...a conspiracy theorist.


    It is also interesting to me the limited information available on John Patrick Bedell. The limited media reports. Why isn't the Pentagon shooting getting a fraction of the coverage the Austin tragedy did? The actions of men like Bedell and Stack should be condemned. ESPECIALLY by those who found their ideas to be coherent, logical and thoughtful. Those who feel like Bedell and Stack should be organizing not committing murder.


    With that said I know how the media will play this. They will say he is lone crack pot; a sick man; A deranged conspiracy theorist.


    It has been said that the greatest trick of the devil was convincing the world he doesn't exist...it can also be said that the greatest trick of the American government is convincing it's citizens that conspiracies don't exist.

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