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    Posted March 16, 2010 by
    Los Angeles, California
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    Hubble 3D .. Must see!


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Pixel got to attend a press screening of "Hubble 3D" and interview the director and astronaut Mike Massimino. She said Massimino was really enthusiastic and had great stories about being in space.
    - davidw, CNN iReport producer

    I attended the screening of "Hubble 3D", which opens March 19. I can not say enough about this movie, which was exceptionally done. The Hubble telescope, which has been in space since April 1990,  needed some service and repairs. It is this journey of a lifetime that the movie Hubblle 3D takes us on. Narrated by Leonardo Di Caprio, you are captivated from the moment the movie begins.
    Many people have only dreamt about being in space; the take off,  floating in space, and the most exquisite sites that surpass one's wildest dreams. Hubble 3D takes you past the dream and into a unique adventure; you feel as if you are in space. Director Toni Myers is brilliant at creating a movie that provides an all encompassing experience. The realistic cinematography elicits a tactile response; one is tempted to reach out and touch what appears to be at our fingertips. The movies takes us into the world of the astronauts;  preparing food, tethering down while sleeping, and yes, going to the bathroom. These questions are all answered when watching the movie."it's all in the suction" referring to the unthinkable bathroom use in space!
    There was no room for a film crew on the shuttle Atlantis  STS-125,  so the astronauts had two missions; repair the Hubble, and be cinematographers. They attended an 8 month  cinematography class to prepare for this new experience of having us on board. The Hubble is the only telescope in space, and has given us the opportunity to "unlock the secrets of the universe" for close to 20 years now. You are able to see the "haunting gaze of a dying star", "a cosmic web of galaxies" and a tremendous amount more than one could ever envision.
    I also had the privilege to interview Toni Myers and Astronaut  Mike Massimino. Mike's stories of being in space are endless, filled with excitement, pressure, and the peace of just floating. He can now joke about the intensity of trying to change a warped bolt that was stuck.  The pressure, difficulties, and thought that they might have to rewrite the history books if he failed were his constant companion!  The movie details his work which has been compared to performing brain surgery with mittens on.
    Hubble 3D is a must see movie! This extraordinary journey is one that can't be missed. Children and adults will be thrilled to take part in this space journey of a lifetime.I hope everyone will have the opportunity to find an IMAX theatre and head off to space and discover what the Hubble reveals.

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