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    Moreno Valley, California
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    "Bounty Hunter" is a "Stinker"...Please Don't Go!


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    Most "Romantic Comedies" are not too good, with many getting bad reviews from the mainstream press. But I do enjoy some of "the good ones", i.e. "Knotting Hill" for example. But when you combine Romance for woman, with "Action" for the men, the result is a "Dramady" - and these movies are usually bad - REAL BAD.


    In a film that is sure to be nominated for a "Razzie" for worst picture of 2010, this is a stinker that all guys need to avoid - unless you came just to look at the always foxy Jennifer Aniston.


    Now Roberta and Karen liked it - so I guess "Chicks" almost like any "Chick Flick" - But:


    The film had only had a few funny moments, Aniston is still a terrible actor, and the action pieces were a joke. And the "other" love interest of Nicole - Stewart - would have been busted himself for sexual harassment, and stalking.


    And a major reporter for a New York daily wearing a short mini skirt at work - and at play? NO WAY, of coarse...Even most Ireporters know the basics of Journalism!


    The Bounty Hunter, Gerard Butler (Milo Boyd) is also a joke, with 80% of what he does in this film is illegal. Bounty Hunters can not kidnap and assault people lol...


    Grade: D...As in "Dog" and "Don't See It"!!!!!!

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