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    Atheists vs. Science & Logic: We Are God


    An article about Atheists vs. Logic and Science, and discrimination against women in science, Émilie du Châtelet.


    Life,  the patterns of life, and the force behind life are observable but  Physicists and Mathematicians cannot measure them or apply their  mathematics to it. Gravity, the patterns of gravity, and the force behind gravity are observable and Physicists and Mathematicians can measure them and apply their mathematics to it. Therefore, the gravity force exists because it can be measured without knowing what it is and the force behind life, the life force, God, does not according to Atheists.




    “Atheists are simply individuals who have a psychological need and seek someone to prove the existence of God to them based on their limited scientific understanding and knowledge.” – Dr Atheist psychologist




    The forces and constants that the scientific community has accepted as real fall within our scope to measure them and apply mathematics to them. The force and constant, the life force, doesn’t fall within our abilities or means to measure it, not yet anyways and therefore many members of the scientific community dismiss its existence, even if the observations and patterns are there.


    If you can observe something but cannot apply measurements or scientific measurements within your knowledge, scope of understanding, and ability to measure it, it does not mean you should dismiss its existence.


    Scientists accept the existence of the gravity force, can observe it, measure it, mass, acceleration, etc, and apply mathematics to it. If scientists were unable to measure gravity, and if it wasn’t within their scope of measurements and understanding, or their ability to apply mathematics to it, they would classify it as a strange phenomenon that is unexplainable. Scientists still do not know what gravity is, only theories linked to Quantum mechanics.




    God is an observation, an existence, and a pattern that cannot be denied.




    God is not divisible or in other words something cannot be 1/100 or 1/1000 part of God and all life is a part of God, therefore We Are God.




    Ever living thing in the Universe is a part of God.


    Evolution is the struggle to survive, to adapt, and evolve to something great or better. When it reaches a point where a species has reached self awareness, a high level of intelligence, knowledge, and sees the potential in its self to keep evolving into something greater, what are the limits through science and technology,.., and suddenly fails because of a cataclysm, this life force and the force that drives it fails.


    It fails after having reached and crossed one threshold, realizing and seeing its potential and where it can lead, to fail at an other, securing its self from extinction and a cataclism.



    An article I wrote in 2007: The Puzzle of the Universe (2007) - to be taken lightly and with humor


    What we know is that all things, even the Universe, have a beginning and an end, it’s a Universal truth, right? Wrong.


    What we call this reality or plain of existence has always been and always will be. That was easy to read, right, now think about it for a few seconds and see what happens.


    Some scientists believe that the Universe was created from the big bang and will continue to expand indefinitely. Other scientists believe that the Universe began with the big bang and will continue to expand for several billion years and then it will begin to contract due to gravitational forces. Some scientist also believe that there will be another big bang following this contraction and speculate that the big bang phenomenon may have happened several times, and I believe that this is true.


    Life on earth emerged from mud and lightning, scientists know how and can easily recreate the phenomenon in a lab using matter and electricity to obtain new organic matter but they don’t really know how.


    There are forces and constants in the Universe and scientists have discovered many of them, and can measure them. There’s a force that pushes things to form more complex things, scientists know it, they see the pattern, and they know it’s there but can’t explain it. I believe that this force is just another force in the Universe or part of the Universe.


    Organisms, entities, will continue to evolve or become more complex beings until they become incredibly powerful beings that can manipulate energy and matter. These beings will merge and draw all the energy, includes matter, in the Universe to themselves to answer the last remaining puzzle, what is the Universe and what is its purpose.


    This entity will conclude that this reality is all there is, all there ever was, and all that will ever be. With no more puzzles to solve and no purpose, to simply be is not enough, this being will release all of its energy, the big bang phenomenon, and recreate the Universe.


    The process and puzzle solving will restart all over again. This “force” is simply this entity slowly, to us, reforming its self.




    Replacing v with the speed of light c works out mathematically but they do not know why, it is based on observation and mathematics.


    E ∝ mv²  ->  E = mc²


    The physics formula of Emilie du Chatelet is basically the same as the formula for which Einstein is famous for a hundred years later, E = mc². Einstein simply replaced the speed of an object, v, with the speed of light, c, an object. The issue, "science is not the place for a women", was discrimination involved?

    Émilie du Châtelet
    (17 December 1706, Paris – 10 September 1749, Lunéville) was a French mathematician, physicist, and author during the Age of Enlightenment.


    Her crowning achievement is considered to be her translation and commentary on Isaac Newton's work Principia Mathematica; published in 1759, ten years after her death.


    In it, she combined the theories of Gottfried Leibniz and the practical observations of Willem 's Gravesande to show that the energy of a moving object is proportional not to its velocity, as had previously been believed by Newton, Voltaire and others, but to the square of its velocity. (In classical physics, the correct formula is Ek = 1⁄2mv², where Ek is the kinetic energy of an object, m its mass and v its velocity.)


    Although the classical mechanics of du Châtelet are not approached with the same methodology as Einstein's concept of mass and velocity,[14] in his famous equation for the energy equivalent of matter E = mc²  (where c represents the velocity of light), modern biographers and historians persist in seeing a neat accord with the principle E ∝ mv² first recognised by du Châtelet from over 150 years before.[15][16] It should be emphasized, however, that from a physical point of view, du Châtelet's principle is a correct assessment of the kinetic energy in classical mechanics, and is the first term in an expansion of Einstein's Mass–energy equivalence.




    Life, the patterns of life, and the force behind life, the life force or God, what creates life are observable but Physicists and Mathematicians cannot measure them or apply their mathematics to it due to their limitations or scientific limitations and therefor this life force and God does not exist according to Atheists but the gravity force exists simply because Physicists and Mathematicians can measure this force, speed, acceleration, mass, but still do not know what it is or what creates gravity, it is also based on observation.

    in progress ..



    Rishard Dawkins

    Dawkins: Creationists know nothing


    Richard Dawkins arguments are through a comparison of Creationists vs. Darwinism, the ignorance linked to religion.

    According to Dawkins, Darwin made it possible to be an atheist. One of the issues between Creationists vs. Darwin has been the perfection of evolution or the designs of living things, the perfection was created by God vs. the perfection was created through evolution.

    Issue, Richard Dawkins praises science when some religions may feel threatened by it.

    Stephen Hawking (Hawking's Radiation)

    Stephen Hawking's recently published a book about God not creating the Universe based on the fact that time as we know it did not exist before the big bang.

    He recently lost a $100.00 bet when the God particle was discovered, The Higgs boson.

    Atheists vs. Science & Logic

    This article is about science and logic vs. the atheists based on science, scientific observation, logic, the limitations of science, and looking at both the past and the future.

    This article is about evolution, Darwinism, being a part of God, a force that pushes things to evolve, and Stephen Hawking's argument is linked to the limitations of science or knowledge.


    Science, Observations, and Darwin: Darwin and his observations are a part of science.

    "It sounds very laudable to teach the controversy, to teach both theories but there aren't two theories, there's only one theory around, only one game in town, as far as serious science is concerned. Of course you have negative reactions from creationists but who cares about creationists, they don't know anything." - Richard Dawkins


    Émilie du Châtelet

    From what I understand, Émilie du Châtelet out did Newton's, Voltaire, and others beliefs and theories on physics and the formula for which Einstein is famous for is basically the same one that she wrote a hundred year's earlier. She experienced personal tragedies and was recognized ten years after her death. The Discrimination is linked to men and culture "science is not the place for a women" during these periods of time in history.

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