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    Posted April 5, 2010 by
    gainesville, Florida
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    Earthquakes shake Pacific

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    Earthquakes and volcanoes linked to 2012 prophecy?


    Recently I have noticed more headlines for what I belive is a increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity throughout the world.And have come to the belief that the so called "experts" can do nothing more than guess and are no closer to predicting up coming disasters than a fortune teller. Our financial "experts" have proven equally skilled.I have a theory about the 2012 prophecy  recent earthquakes & volcanic activity.As we all know there will be a historic astrological alignment in 2012,THIS HAPPENS ABOUT EVERY 26000 YEARS.the earths core is made up of metals and volcanic lava.Its my belief that up coming and past astrological events influence volcanic activity and the movement of the earths crust and land masses.If the moon can influence our tides,why is it difficult for for some to believe a historic alignment could effect the liquid at our earths core.Its my opinion that volcanic activity and earthquakes are linked, and could get worse as we have an increased magnetic pull from the coming astrological events.Yellowstone national park is home of a super volcano.Its not a question of if it will go off,but when."I hope it remains inactive".How ever research shows it has a cycle,and its past due.If it were to erupt it would make the Iceland volcano look like a firecracker.And put us in a ice age similar to what wiped out the dinosaurs.The Mayan calendar ends on DEC-21-2012,I do not want to sound like a Dooms day theorist,Only wonder if they experienced the last alignment and what we could learn.I don't think the worlds going to end in 12-21-12.I do think it would be foolish not to prepare for a possible disaster,Remember they laughed at Noah when he built the ark.

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