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    Posted April 14, 2010 by
    Port au Prince, Haiti
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Haiti earthquake aftermath

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    Day Seven: Milot to Port au Prince


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     bobbymoon is documenting his eight day visit to Haiti last month.
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    Leaving the hospital, we would embark on the same journey as the  soon-to-be-released patients. The difference is we had already seen the  horror that awaits them back in the capital city. We stayed in a  different part of the city this time, closer to downtown, and we wanted  to see if there were any signs of life returning to the new normal.  Feeble attempts at commerce seemed to meet with varying degrees of  success: the barber had his chair filled, but the peddler with Danielle  Steele novels was not so lucky. Block after block we were once again  reminded that this is a city gasping for breath. Sitting with an elderly  woman on a cot, looking at the two-person Coleman tent that is now her  home, we were struck with the dignity that accompanied her helplessness.  Is this really a solution? Fragile and barely able to speak—due to age  and emotion—one wondered if the woman had ever contemplated as more  desirable the alternate fate that been dealt her family members who were  killed. Alone, she now sat wringing her hands and politely accepting  our intrusion into her solitary humility. Occasionally we came upon  graffiti: Aba Clinton, Aba Preval, Aba NU (UN). We were to learn that  “aba” translates as “Down With.…” At some point, must this pressure  cooker of destruction and desperation eventually explode? The blind man  on the street was oblivious to the graffiti and the rubble and the flies  and with frailty and boldness, crossed the street filled with traffic  as if to test his fate once more.


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