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    Posted April 30, 2010 by

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    become a foster parent and get rich in Kentucky


       You don't have to work in Kentucky anymore you just need to become a foster parent and you can rake in thousands.

       In Kentucky you can become a foster parent and get up to $42.00 a day per child plus you do not pay any medical expenses and you get paid mileage to take them any where they need to go.

       You get clothes allowence and any expenses they have for school and you do not even have to buy them a christmas present the state of Kentucky pays for that to.

      And the big kicker is if you decide to adopt one you still get the money every month. The payments don't stop they just keep coming in and you get rich and the kids get a  bed to sleep in.

       I under stand paying for foster parents but some people are getting $1500 per month per kid and most families have at least 4 that adds up to 6000 a month and not one penny has to be spent on the kid. the kid get an allowance from the state. it does not come out of the monthly fee.

      There is a couple down the road from us that has foster kids and they only accept kids over 10 so they don't have to watch them as close and they live in a brand new home built on a big farm and have 4 brand new cars. All got since they started fostering. Neither have a job.

       She adopted one of the kids and I said you will lose your money if you adopt and she said " No you don't they keep paying you"  But now that she adopted this one girl  she made her go to work at a restaurant and the foster parents still get money for her.

       To me the state of kentucky must have a lot of money to blow so if you wanta get rich come on over and get you a few foster kids and sit on your butt and rack it in.


    https://apps.chfs.ky.gov/pandp_process/foster_care_per_diem.htm#PER DIEM RATE SCHEDULE

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