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    Posted May 3, 2010 by
    Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

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    Where are you daddy ?


    Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam


    Hien smiles at me, he had an bright friendly smile, but under the smile,there's sadness. He repeat the question again and again,as he had al his life "Where are you dadday ? . Daddy for him,are an unknown American military serviceman,that met his mother,and young Vietnamese women,that used to work as an bar girl in Qui Nhon in 1969.

    Hien shouldn' be in Vietnam at all, he should had join hes people,the amerasians.Amerasians for those that don't know it,are children of American military men and Vietnamese women,born during the war,and left behind after.


    In the early 80'ties many started to leave for USA under and refugee program, named Oderly Departure Program,that program cease to exist in 1997,and by that mean, many amerasians never made it for USA.


    Hien was among those amerasians,that never made it for USA,he was so unlucky not to get accepted to go back to his fatherland, and forever been forced to live in an country,where he ethnical don't fit in.

    Time had been running out for Hien,he had seen almost all hes Amerasian friends, taking off for the promies land,while hes attempt to reappeal hes case had been turned down.


    We are sitting together outside the old entrance of Amerasian Transit Center at Dam Senh,Ho Chi Minh City. An ironic situation, in that place amerasians used to live before they were accepted to move to USA,now it was turned in to an bus parking and an football field.

    Hien and he wife had their own little food vending place just outside the camp.

    They didn't make much money,but could care for them self and their kid,not an American dream, rather an vietnamese reality.


    So I asked Hien,what he wished for the future ? "Hmmm,all I wished for me is to see my daddy just once in my life !!! ",such an small wish,that could make such big difference in an persons life.


    About USA,what did he think about moving there ?, " I am to old for it !!! I can't speak english !, and besides that I had been disapointed for so many times,so now i had no more dreams, Vietnam is not my dream its my reality !"


    It makes me sad that Hien had the live the Vietnamese reality and not the American dream !!


    So what does Hien knows about hes father ? Not much,or mabye he had an chance.He told me:

    Name: Al langrey

    Rank: Private first class

    Branch of duty: Army

    Unit: Black eagle

    Occupation: Jeep driver

    Time of duty: 1968 to sep/Oct 69

    Place of duty: Qui Nhon


    Hien deserved as anyone else to know hes father,and have an fait chance to come to hes fatherland,where he can feel home.


    Should anyone have the interest in helping Hien or meet him,then feel free to contact me at:

    Email. brihj@hotmail.com

    Homepage: www.fatherfounded.org

    video clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnxkHZTyv2g


    Note: The video clip are with me Brian Hjort from Father Founded and Hien,in Vietnamese and English

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