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    Posted May 9, 2010 by
    Eugene, Oregon
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    Arizona immigration showdown

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    Crazy & Unfair


    I understand what people who are for the immigration bill in Arizona are saying and I can respect that but it doesn't stop me from thinking they are wrong. The Arizona bill is wrong and unfair to so many people. It is essentially give the police power to ask people based on the color of their skin and whether or not they have an accent or not, if they are in this country legally.

    How is that fair to the millions of people who are here legally? How is that fair to the 1st generation members of a family who immigrated here? Can you all not imagine the humiliation the person would feel if they were asked to produce proof that they were in the country legally? That argument that those who are here legally won't have a problem at all is beside the point.

    The United States is melting pot. We are a country that, for the most part, accepts people who are here trying to make their lives better. I can't accept the most common excuse I've heard people use to say why they support the bill: that the illegal immigrants take jobs and health care away.

    1. The economy is horrible at the moment. That is not a problem caused by the immigrants, illegal or not. It was caused by mistakes that people, corporations, government and banks made.

    2. Most of the jobs that the illegal immigrants do are jobs that no one else is willing to take. Yes I do understand that at the moment there are people who will do almost any job. That's the reason this illegal immigrant thing has become such a huge issue. People who formerly had rejected jobs like working on farms harvesting, are going looking for those jobs now and realizing that while there backs were turned, someone came and took them. Someone who was willing to work hard for the very little wages they made.

    The last point that I want to make clear is that I don't support illegal immigration but I also don't support the racial profiling and discrimination that is going to be direct result of this bill. What runs through my mind is that if I go to Arizona and an officer pulls me over for a perceived offense and asks me for proof that I am here legally, I would be humiliated, angry and would probably give the officer a piece of my mind.

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