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    Posted May 13, 2010 by
    Blue Springs, Missouri
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    Mr. President, it's me again.


    We The People are fired up, Mr. President, just as you told us we should be. We realize you're very busy and cannot be bothered by a non-violent, peaceable movement whose civil rights request would take you one hour of work to accomplish. But we'd like you to hear us out.


    Pres. Obama, one of the reasons many people voted for you was your years as a professor of Constitutional law.

    Given your intelligence on this subject, it can be no surprise to you that it is a violation of Constitutional law to deny the people of this country a voice in how our laws and issues of  morality are determined. It is not permitted in the Constitution that government can legislate morality, either.


    Based on your statement in 2004 about the veracity of current U.S. drug policy and the drug war being a "failure", many disenfranchised Americans put their cynicism for the political process aside and voted for you, sir, believing rational change was possible on the issue of cannabis.


    Despite calling for the end of federal raids by the DEA on states where medical cannabis laws exist, you've done nothing to end this war on drugs.


    President Obama, you used cannabis for relaxation. You know it isn't fatal, physically addictive, and you know it didn't ruin your life. If you had been arrested for cannabis, it could have cost you the future presidency.

    So, it goes without saying that only the LAWS against cannabis posed any real risk to you.


    Only you didn't get busted but every year,  a million Americans do.


    Tens of millions of Americans regularly use cannabis responsibly. As a former pot smoker, you know all too well that a person can hold a job, pay taxes, volunteer for public service, and be otherwise law-abiding citizens, even if they DO prefer a joint to a drink after dinner. Sometimes, they even become President of the United States.


    I am proud to have voted for you. I think you're doing a great job as president. All I ask - and millions of my fellow activists ask - is that you do the one thing that will allow the American voters to decide whether to legitimize and regulate a legal cannabis market:


    Pres. Obama, please instruct the Congress to consider the latest scientific evidence, expert testimony, cost analysis of the War on Drugs - both financial and societal - and transparent statistics and reform the current cannabis laws to include legalization, regulation, and taxation of recreational, medicinal, and industrial cannabis and its derivatives.


    Then, let We The People vote on a national ballot whether to lift the federal laws against cannabis and its derivatives, allowing individual states to decide by state ballot how to incorporate a legitimate cannabis industry.


    Simple as that. Treat cannabis as the recreational intoxicant it is - like alcohol - and regulate it under the We Card Program.  Treat the derivatives of cannabis like we do cotton.


    Imagine, Mr. President, that once this issue is allowed to reflect the will of the general public through popular vote, we'll get fired up over another issue.


    Change we can believe in, right? Let's do it!


    P.S. Thank you, President Obama, for not allowing your personal feelings to interfere with your political actions. We appreciate it.

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