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    Posted May 15, 2010 by
    Kaunas, Lithuania

    Pedophile clan in LITHUANIA


    This story is staggering and almost impossible to believe, but it is  true! It is about a little girl, then 3 years old, who was molested by  well known and high ranking people in Lithuania. Her father, Drasius  Kedys, attempted defending his daughter the legal way - by going to the  police, by contacting the Child Protection Services, state prosecutors  and ... achieved nothing. He then went public. This story attracted a  huge public interest and resentment toward the Lithuanian authorities.  Later the father disappeared. On the day of his disappearance two  suspects of molesting this little girl were killed. The blame was put on  the father, who months later was found dead in a very public place.  Witnesses say, there were torture marks all over his body, however, the  experts hired by the state released a statement saying he died of  natural causes. While the main suspect paedophile is awaiting a trial  for molestation, there is another trial going on – about the girl being  returned to the mother, who not only knew about the molestation of her  daughter but most likely was being paid for prostituting her child! The  little girl lives with her father's family right now and is the only  witness (except her mother-pimp) who can recognise her molesters by  face. This story is full of illogical decisions, law violations by  authorities and incomplete investigations. The media is discovering  increasingly more details about this case as opposed to the prosecutors  (who are openly covering the paedophile clan) and it is becoming clear  that the arguments presented by the media about the prosecutors  concealing evidence regarding this story are true. The court decided to  return the girl to her mother, who was repeatedly prostituting her  daughter to these child molesters for money and better life. Currently,  people are gathering around the house where the little girl is staying,  in the attempt to protect her from being returned to her mother. So we  are asking you for help and more publicity in this case. We need someone  to step in and help us to bring this pedophile clan into bright light  and achieve justice for this girl. Her father’s wish was to never stop  fighting for his girl’s well-being and he is gone! The Lithuanian  authorities are not doing their job right, they are only worried about  keeping their faces. There is corruption going on and it is becoming  impossible to fight them! Please, get involved!!! Please take a look  www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHMSBXcqIhU (subtitles in English)


    From the pedophile clan arm chairs Grow daughter of the fallen defender  advised that currently, 2 o'clock in the morning, at home Vencku (clone  g. 5, Garliava, Kaunas distr.) Keep changing the number of people  (activists estimated that more than 200 people). "Fatigue nekamuoja, all  active, share ideas, generate ideas about further steps have 3 tents,  meals, coffee, drinks, spotlights. It is true that a nearby house and  found the filming something, monitor, and we pašvietus searchlights -  hiding "- by the defenders. Girls defenders motto: Unity and Publicity.  8.00. Early in the morning to the girl's defenders drove the police  crew. Policemen people wished for strength. "We're with you" - said the  police. Today, children Garliava to N. Venckienė homes where people from  the pedophile clan protects the daughter of chairs, kreidelėmis quoted  "pedophiles NO!" In order to draw public attention to Garliava current  events - that she would put pedophiles. Among the people are constantly,  and the priest, who orally prayers and your calls on people to be  united, strong, fear, and lower-case to protect the girl from  pedophiles. 9:50 am. Appeal to Emigrants "Pedophile clan murdered Grow  chairs close calls Lithuanian living abroad who are not indifferent to  the Chair and daughter Lithuanian destiny, take all reasonable steps to  ensure that the Lithuanian government stopped commissioning girls  pedophile clan. Those who can, please choose the Lithuanian Embassy, lit  candles and the right to suspend the release of chairs daughter  pedophile clan. Also, if possible, please pay attention to the foreign  media what is going on in Lithuania, an EU country: pedophile clan  murdered girl's dad abused the Kedį, clan and is now serving in law  enforcement wants to give disadvantaged girl was pedophile clan. Do not  be indifferent to help protect lower-case Grow Chair daughter! "- That  address the topic of pedophilia on the Internet reaches a partial  Lithuanian movement" Courage Way "and the social network site Facebook.



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