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    Posted May 17, 2010 by
    My Tho, Vietnam
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    The Amerasian broken dream


    ( Video clip. Me,Long and unknown amerasian in My Tho,december 2009 )


    December 2009, My Tho, The Delta,Vietnam


    Long was happy to see me !!!! We had been friends for almost 15 years, and even we don't have an common language, then we still enjoy each other company.

    Long, or Doung Yen Long as he had been named, are Amerasian.

    He didn't made it my friend ! So many of hes friends had left for their fatherland,and some are still in Vietnam.

    Long asked me in 1995 to look for his father Untalan, firstname unclear. Father came from Guam, an tropical island in the Pacific Ocean, an US state.


    We did try all the Untalans, in vain.We knew that he was an military advisor,that served in My Tho.Like finding an needle in the haystack.


    Long, always say "Find my father, and I will buy him an flight ticket to Vietnam,so he can see hes family".

    With those words in my mind I started an long journey to find my old friends father.

    Internet saved my day. Many veterans groups started to pop up with their memories, old photos and stories.

    I knew that daddy served in MACV ( Military Assistance Command of Vietnam ) Team 75.

    For those whom dont know about MACV, then its the organisations USA army used for train and runned the former South Vietnamese army. Mostly were older NCO's ,Sergeants and same ranks from the army.

    They spend their last time in service traing foreign armies.


    Almost no records exist of MACV,only memories. Those served in those units had their files under the army file, what makes its very difficult to find an person.


    But with the help of Internet, we got in touch with former members of team 75. Though them we got the real name of the father Guillermo  F Untalan.

    Uncle Sam gave me the rest of the details,and it all fits in.

    To confirm it, I had to found some relatives. An hard search began. Facebook,Archives and other alternative means, I finally got an relative,hes American daugther.

    Her info matches mine. Supposed to make me happy,but the truth confirmed mine. Mr. Untalan was dead, in 1974 by an heart attack.

    The news hit me as a hammer. How can I explain it, to an good friend,an to an human being belive in the last hope for love and better life, he's father.


    February 2010.  Awfull moment in my life, time to tell it !! to break someones life and future.

    Hung my Vietnamese friend helped me as an middleman. Long finally got hes answer. No word cover it, no emotion !!! The dream about daddy was only an dream.

    My friend,my good friend asked me 1000 times to make sure that it was the right one, "Yes" it was the one.


    The daugther of Mr.Untalan send her brother an kindly letter to explain about their fathers life. That was the last we hear from her. I had tried in vain to contact her, and never got an answer back. For her own reason she prefer not to contact her brother in Vietnam.


    Long are among those few Amerasians in Vietnam and USA,that had found their fathers, eather dead or alive.

    His American dream, turned in to the Amerasian broken dream, the father he dreamed of buying an ticket, died when he was 3 years old. Long now know he had to live hes life in Vietnam, case are over and he had to move on.


    For most amerasians looking for their fathers, the fear are eather being rejected by their fathers,or found out that their father had died.

    Many prefer to dream about the prince on the white horse, coming to save the lost child. Truth simpe hurt ti much.


    At last I can only say, Long you and many other amerasians deserved better. You gave all, and got nothing.



    Brian H

    Homepage:  www.fatherfounded.org

    Email: brihj@hotmail.com

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