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    Posted May 26, 2010 by
    Spartanburg, South Carolina
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    Hi, my name is...

    My weird name!


    My name is StJohn Newbold Lennox-Kerr.


    my first name is pronounced Sinjohn. I've never met anyone else with my name even though I've met people that have met others with the same name as my in pronounced but not spelled the same way. My first name is spelled all together with no period. In our family males are given no middle name unless they are born under new and amazing circumstances. Like me, I was the first to be born in America. 


    When you google my name only I come up. There are only three Lennox-Kerrs left in the world alive. I'm the only male that can pass on the last name. Everyone in history with the last name Lennox-Kerr is related to me.


    My name really seems to spark people's imaginations. I know for a fact that people have not called me back for job interviews or dates because they are afraid to say it. I've had people hang up the phone on me when they ask what my name is. I've also been called just about everything under the sun. Some people seem to really have trouble with my name. They can't get the head around it so they will make up something to call me.


    Meeting new people is almost always difficult. People ask where did the name come from. I usually tell them I had a creative Dad and a passive aggressive Mom. Some people tell me that I'm saying my name wrong. Like I haven't noticed for 29 years. Others think I'm lying and will give me a look from that point forward.


    I'm sure that my name has caused equal amount of trouble as it has good fortune in my life. Once you understand my name you never seem to forget it. Some people seem to enjoy saying it.

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