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    Couple Who Love To Help People Build Their Own City


    To have the ability to build a City in Second Life is no mean feat, and one City called Trendone has it all, including the most amazing buildings and a great community feel. An even nicer touch is that the people who own it look after people by teaching them how to build and also assist in anything else that they would like to know about SL. You can rent a shop or a home there for as little as 140 Lindens a week, and one of the owners, Patty, told me that they offer these low prices “for people to show off their items in SL to make Lindens for themselves. Helping people in a community to learn and grow in SL.”


    Xstorm Radek and Patty1 Rosca make a strong team in the SL building business and are, in fact, one of the happiest SL married couples as well.  Xstorm and Patty own Trendone City and I wanted to find out more about their special SL City and also about their backgrounds.  Xstorm and Patty are veterans in the world of SL, both previously being Mentors, and they generously share their knowledge with anyone who needs assistance in-world.


    I asked them to tell me about Trendone, Patty told me “It started with a Store then more shops, then houses for people to come live. The next thing was my very own sandbox, I was thrilled. Seems people started to come over and we decided a City was in order. Clubs and meeting areas were the events we first started with. Seems everyone wanted to go to a club so we opened one. Although the sandbox is the hit to get people in, showing people how to do things keeps them coming back. We have building classes and contests for people to participate in.”  Xstorm added “There are many things to do from fishing to games and building, plus building contests and poems and story telling and so much more!”  Xstorm continued “Our sim is a community based sim for the Arts and the people within it. We, with the great help from many others that live in our community, work on many types of events all in some way, based on the arts and its many forms.”  Patty added “I have wanted a sim since my first lot in 2005, I seemed to want more and more prims (primitive objects that people build with in SL), and land was the only way to get it. I wanted a place for people to come to, like I did when I first started. Getting help is very important to keep people in SL. Xstorm helped me in the process on what people want in SL and getting rl (real life) into SL. I was all for it. Learning to build and how to bring rl things into SL was a eye opener.”


    They had started out building on a sim called Ondock, Patty explained  “We both knew we could make Ondock the best sim, buying up small parcels as they came up for sale. We could not get the land together and had a few people that did not want a city in their back yards. As time went on we realized we needed a sim. The looking process started. We wanted a place to have people come and have everything in one place in SL.”  Xstorm agreed saying “We had a great feeling to help others and build a sim for helping the community Everything we do is a joint decision from shape, colours, builds and what’s next.”


    Patty and Xstorm had first met in the Hobo village in SL.  Patty said “I seen him around where I hung out at in Hobo village. I was looking for land to put my very first house on and Xstorm helped me locate a lot next to his. It was a trap to get to know him better. haha.  Xstorm helped me with showing me builds. I was charmed off my feet with him.  I was using SL to fill a void in my life. I never have understood romance nor been romantic so he held the romantic part.”  Xstorm told me “I first asked someone if she had a man in her life. I fell in love with her and had to hide my feelings at the time.”


    And how did they get around to getting married in SL? Xstorm said “Yes we had a great wedding. We built a church, the people that did come must have thought we were nice.  I did try to keep much of what I did and do in Second Life a little bit of a secret, but that no longer matters. I will never give up on the love I feel for my wife. Patty is the best woman in my life.”  Patty told her part of the story, she said “I purchased some land and Xstorm came to the sim to help. I was partnered with someone else and he was a great partner JW, a very wonderful guy.  As time went on Xstorm was around more then my partner and Xstorm put on his charm strong. Xstorm approached me and said “marry me”, "I'll build you a church". I was not easy to persuade and then I agreed. Here we are today.”

    Do you know each other in real life I asked, Xstorm said “Yes we do :))”  Patty continued “I met Xstorm in 2006 for the first time when I took a trip north. I was not sure that I was going to feel the same as in SL. I don't have a charming side of me, nor one for relationships. I really was not looking for anything real, I told Xstorm this dozens and dozens of times. He never gave up on me. Over the years I have met a lot of people in RL through SL and all were the best people I could have ever meet.”


    I asked them how they started building in SL, Xstorm told me “I started to sell small items and old style buildings. Love to build old Buildings and what is inside of them.”  Patty said “The first experience I had in SL building was this lady (Arcadia Asylum) came to me to help, I was amazed she took time to show me. My best build was for the Hobo Christmas Contest. I had so much fun putting it all together. Orhalla Zander took me under his wings and accepted me into the Hobo group with a lot of people who had building experience. I then learned from the Hobo's on how to build.  I had the best friends in Hobo Village, just to hang out and have interaction with people I never would have met in RL.  The Hobo that always stood with me was Geo Meek he made me realize people in SL do have feelings and are real, that its not just a game.”


    Both Patty and Xstorm told me about their real lives and how they first came into SL. Patty explained “I was a orphan, a very hard child hood comes along with a lot of heart ache.  Military took me in and was the only family that made me who I am today. If it wasn’t for that I would not be the strong person I am today. I owe my life to that.  I currently suffer from PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) and have a lot of issues going on in there. I seek treatment for my PTSD and Xstorm gives me the support I need. No one in my life has ever been there like he has been.”  Patty had first joined SL as her other avatar in 2003, she had first heard about it on the national news, she told me “I was scared to death, I could not figure out anything. I wandered around SL for a couple of months trying to meet people and learning to move around and how to build. I did everything in SL from casinos to places to have a thrill. It was all a game and I was curious on everything I could explore.”


    Xstorm came into SL in 2003, he said started “on another main avatar from a friend beta tester, he was cool!  I did feel it was a little buggy, but so was many things back then, and I was learning what to do with prims.”  Xstorm, who has a wealth of experience both in SL and computers, told me “I first got to see and work with my first computer in 1975, it was a monster of paper tape and punch holes. In mid 1984 I started to help set-up computers at the library. In the 1990's I worked as a Server IT and database IT for a Library, linking a network system and helping to link them to the Internet. In 2000 I was helping program and set-up a gaming server.  All this time I was deep in to working with the Arts and doing Artwork when I had time.  Plus I had a watch and clock shop.  In 2002 I was looking for something to bring all my skills in to one place, for it seems I was looking for a fulfilling job that I would be happy doing. I found Second Life from one of the people I was friends with back in the gaming server group.”


    In 2003 I did not know how well Second Life was going to be or how big it was going to get. I had a feeling they were working from a basement some place, but when I saw how fast they started to grow in 2004 I know it was for me.  Around that time I started to get sick and no one had any clue what was wrong.  I had to drop out for a bit of time too, I did go and try Eve Online and it was good for a short time to make me feel better as I was in and out of getting tests and poked at.  But I did miss people in Second Life and I did, later on, try to get everyone in Eve Online to move to Second Life with me.  Around 2006 the Doctors found out what was wrong and I started Second Life again and had no clue what happen to my password or user name or why everything was no longer the same.  I dropped out of Eve Online in 2007 did not wish to be around cheating DEV's.  They Found out at first I had MMN (Multifocal Motor Neuropathy), later they defined it as CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy), what a kick in the teeth that was, trying to keep it secret all that time, but it was too hard. Lost friends, the shop I had, and my real life jobs.  So I have Patty and my family in my life and Second Life the native family and friends. Maybe someday I can have the honour of working as a Mole for Linden Labs.”

    You couldn’t meet two nicer or more hard working people than Patty and Xstorm, and they put such a lot into SL, not only for their own satisfaction, but to give happiness and help to others.  I would like to thank them very much for telling me about their first and second lives.



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