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    Los Angeles, California
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    Black in America

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    The Republican Party is Not Responsible for the Demise of the Black Community

    *The Republican Party nor the Bush Administration are Responsible for the Demise of the Black Community!
  • Black America's own leadership, and/or those in positions of responsibility are to blame! None of the material blames the lower class, the underclass, or those at the bottom of the social-economic ladder, but rather: A. *
  • No good sleazy poverty pimping truly sacrilegious Black preachers*. B. *Game playing using false pretenses to hold elected office inept blatantly incompetent self serving elitist Black elected officials.....most of these individuals are affiliated with the Democratic Party, the political party that has controlled the Black community for well over forty years.
  • C. Serving every other community but the Black community, while helping to free the truly criminal, and using their educational expertise to hang the truly innocent of Black America no good treasonous Black lawyers and judges. D.
  • Breaking up the Black family structure for illicitly gained profit no good Black social workers. E. Placing minors including infants on probation no good Black probation officers. F. The "Yellow Journals", in a Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper that publishes falsehoods about Black people to protect treasonous Black people or its friends in high places, who have brought nothing but harm to the Black community. One example is strongly evidenced by the activity at "Killer/Butcher King" hospital, to which the Los Angeles Times makes it a point to expose this disgraceful activity, while that no good Los Angeles Sentinel, the largest so-called Black owned newspaper on the West Coast, refuses to expose corruption within the Black community. Journalists, newspapers, etc., are supposed to be tools used to inform the public and expose corruption in government. Journalists and newspapers, are supposed to promote truth, and this would especially be the case of any newspaper and its relationship with its constituency. The Los Angeles Sentinel promotes corruption in government, and chooses not to be informative or be an advocate of the people, the people in this instance being predominately Black people. Heck, even the people on the street know what goes on at Butcher/Killer King Hospital, because this activity has been going on since the 70s. *No good "Brentwood Burke" is a typical example of that Black elected official who plays games of deceit to use false pretenses to hold elected office*. Supervisor Yvonne B. Burke, A.K.A. "Brentwood Burke", is truly a disgrace to what it means to be an elected office holder. Second District Los Angeles County Supervisor Yvonne B. Burke, has yet to competently serve the residents of the 2nd District, specifically as it applies to South Central Los Angeles, Watts, Compton, Inglewood, etc. Mind you, "Brentwood Burke" takes on the attitude that the atrocities of Butcher/Killer Hospital is some new revelation. G. and/or the so-called educated but many times truly treasonous Black middle class. .....elements of each that most surely exists within the Black community. ...and *don't let Burke's bio mislead
  • you. ......*
  • the people who live in the district, as it pertains to South Central Los Angeles, Compton, Inglewood, Watts, etc*., know that "Brentwood Burke" is a fraud, and has been a fraud the entire time she has held elected office! *2nd Los Angeles County Supervisoral District
  • "Brentwood Burke" has been more concerned about protecting her personal friends, or advancing her own political career, than serving the people of the Second Los Angeles County Supervisoral District, as Yvonne B. Burke is sworn under oath, and mandated by law to do. Serving the people is very removed from "Burke's" thought processes, as to the essense of the meaning of what is means to be an elected official. An elected official is supposed to be a servant of the people. Elected officials are not supposed to: H. Play games when petitioned for redress as it relates to the atrocities of government perpetrated against the law abiding. (Los Angeles Superior Court Cases #C895188, #BS111697, and #BC385899) I. *
  • Serve special interest groups at the expense of the district served*. J. Enable personal friends to escape punishment for betraying the people. K. Use false pretenses to seek or hold elected office! ........... H through K amount to the disgrace, and treason that truly exist with the typical Black elected leadership! ......Let Barack Obama, tell it and it's the Black male who is not being responsible. There is more to this than placing all the blame on the "inner-city Black male". The noose caricature surely fits, when other realities are factored in, the reality of that misfit sellout elected Black leadership and the Black middleclass who praise them that most surely is destroying the lives of innocent Black men, women, and/or children. (Los Angeles Superior Court Cases #C895188, #BS111697, and #BC385899) This is indeed a side of being Black in America, a picture that is not so pretty. I thank CNN for extending the opportunity for me to disseminate this information. Finally, this has absolutely nothing to do with racism or playing the race card...... ................In contrast, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who states, "I've been called a "N.........r" more than any time in my entire life. I've heard these words before.......", is indeed an attempt to play the race card or blame his plight on racism, as a ploy to deceive anyone gullible enough to believe it, to place blame on other individuals than to be held accountable for his own inability to be ethical, moral, and lawful.
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