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    Washington DC, Virginia
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    Race to the White House

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    Incredible Obama Kidnapping plan now REVEALED!!


    A recent CNN report on a FOX News story about a Rosie O'Donnell statement to Sean Penn that "Every time Sen Barack Hussain Obama opens his mouth now, it seems he loses election ground!" has prompted me to offer my advice. Since it's pretty obvious that Obama can't bring himself to just shut up and win the election, as he could easily do, I suggest this: FAKE YOUR OWN KIDNAPPING!! You could remain safely hidden and quiet for a change. You could get TONS of free publicity!! Oh, and Michelle, instead of crying and telling us that for the first time in your adult life, you are proud of America, you could just cry for your missing hubby and actually garner pity instead of animosity! Then, at the very last minute, Obama could pop up like a Barack-in-the-Box and say "I'm BACK!!" We would all be so relieved to have you home safe and sound in America's ample bosom, that we would forget that you were ever ashamed of us for not speaking French. Then we would vote you into the White House, pronto, and let you get to work, meeting with terrorists and trying to make Black fathers pay child support against their will by talking down to them. As you can see, I'm an idea man. Hit me on the hip. We'll do lunch, monsieur.

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