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    Posted June 15, 2010 by
    LaGrange, Missouri
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    Police Officers caught committing the murder of a dog!!


    This was a sad day for one family in LaGrange Missouri.  The Police where called to a residence for  a dog loose.  Upon arrival, the first officer is seen throwing treats to the pooch as we assume the caller stands close by.  The dog seems to be uninterested in the people standing so close.  The allegation that this particular canine is vicious appears to be a myth as you can see by the video the second officer is seen petting the animal and placing a leash around the neck.



    As the camera angle changes to the rear of a pickup truck, the dog is now teathered to the bumper as on officer draws a tazer.  A second officer enters with a catch pole that of corse would frighten any animal.  The dog panics, but never tries to bite at the pole or the officer.  The dog then runs to the grassy corner and submits to the officer.  Instead of calming the dog further and waiting for animal control, the officer shoots the dog in the side with his service weapon.  Seeing that he has only injured the pup, the officer pushes the dog's head to the ground and fires the deadly shot into the dog's skull.


    I have included Missouri Statutes on "LOOSE CANINE":


    Missouri Cruelty to Animals Statutes 578.016. Impoundment of animal found off property of owner or custodian, disposition, procedure--liability of owner or custodian for costs--lien-- rights of owner or custodian (1) If the owner can be ascertained and the animal is not diseased or disabled beyond recovery for any useful purpose, held for recovery by the owner. The owner shall be notified within five business days of impoundment by phone or by mail of the animal's location and recovery procedures. The animal shall be held for ten business days. An animal unclaimed after ten business days may be put up for adoption or humanely killed; (2) Placed in the care or custody of a veterinarian, the appropriate animal control authority or animal shelter. The animal shall not be disposed of, unless diseased or disabled beyond recovery for any useful purpose, until after expiration of a minimum of five business days, during which time the public shall have clear access to inspect or recover the animal through time periods ordinarily accepted as usual business hours. After five business days, the animal may be put up for adoption or humanely killed; or (3) If diseased or disabled beyond recovery for any useful purpose as determined by a public health official, law enforcement official, veterinarian or animal control officer, humanely killed. 3. The owner or custodian of any animal killed pursuant to this section shall be entitled to recover the actual value of the animal up to but not to exceed six hundred dollars if the owner or custodian shows that such killing was unwarranted.


    Now for my opinion on this case.  I feel there needs to be a task-force policing the police in this country, because not only is this kind of cruelty happening to animals, but it seems to be happening to citizens everywhere. Maybe we should screen law enforcement candidates a little better before releasing them on the people of this country, after all that dog was a member of someones family and that was an execution.


    Michael Freeman



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